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  • Published on:  Saturday, September 9, 2017
  • If you thought Tim Curry's Pennywise was scary enough, just imagine It walked into your office one day. Watch Kya Quinn and Mel Licata transform our friend Hunter into Pennywise and let him loose on our unsuspecting co-workers!
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    The most iconic aspects of the 1990 It movie has to have been the unforgettable performance of Tim Curry. Pennywise the Dancing Clown has become one of horror's most iconic villains, and the Pennywise makeup from the 1990 It miniseries played a major role in It. The 2017 It movie has a very different look for their Pennywise makeup, and while the 2017 It makeup looks scary in its own right, there's still something about the Tim Curry Pennywise makeup that chills us to the bone.

    Thanks to sfx makeup artist Mel Licata, we transformed our co-worker Hunter into the Tim Curry Pennywise. Makeup alone wasn't going to cut it, so we added to the It makeup with some jacked-up false teeth and a killer wig. Then, we set our It makeup experiment loose on our unsuspecting co-workers. Their It reaction to the Pennywise makeup is a must-see. Before you see the 2017 It movie, our killer clown makeup video will get you prepared for all the scares in the It movie 2017.

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