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  • Published on:  Sunday, February 10, 2019
  • This is what I call a freaking powerful debut with a dynamic, colourful and confident concept! Love the message and how energetic the MV was. They’re giving us the gist of what they’re gonna be giving us from now on and I’m already living! I am curious to see how they will perform on stage and how much they can offer us in the future but for now this is killer, especially the tunnel part got me weak istg! Definitely keeping an eye on them → Watch the MV here:달라달라 #ITZY #있지Thank you guys for watching ,I hope you enjoyed! Subscribe for more kpop related content!!! 🔅Folow me on Instagram :🔅Folow me on Twitter:🔅For any business inquiry: [email protected]🔸Use code 'gzbkarma' for 10% off of your order on 🔸Shop my designs here : 🔺What program do you use to edit your videos? I use final cut pro.🔺Where are you from? What are your origins? I am half Vietnamese half French, living in Switzerland.If you wish to use any of my video in yours please make sure to credit me! Thanks for understanding. Help me translate my videos : copyright infringement intended
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  • s t a e

    s t a e

     6 months ago +855

    at first I didn't really like the song but like I listened to it like 5 times and it's A cAtChY bOp

  • LEIA 리아

    LEIA 리아

     6 months ago +541

    this makes me so happy to see you enjoying the music video, loved your honest thoughts & analysis too! 😭💗✨

  • crystalizer


     6 months ago +551

    fast presentation;
    - Chaeryeong (the girl with that multicolor dog or whatev is that thing); she's born in 2001, she's main dancer, a rapper, and vocalist. She's iz*one's chaeyeon's sister. She was a contestant on JYP’s sixteen and ranked 12.
    - Yeji (the girl with the buns, and the one that was in the middle in the teaser's part); she's born in 2000, she's the leader, the main dancer and lead rapper n vocalist. She also appeared in Stray kids' survival show
    - Lia (the one at the airport , with all the bags behind her); she's born in 2000. She's the main vocalist and also the official visual. She's the "speaking english" member of the group, cuz she used to live in canada.
    - Ryujin (the first girl to appears in the mv, with the bicolor hair); she's born in 2001 and she's the main rapper, the lead dancer and the center. she starred in bts' Love Yourself Highlight Reel and also appeared in Stray kids' survival show. She was also a contestant in Mixnine, and ranked 1st.
    - Yuna (the one that was on the stairs with the leopard tissue and also my bias hehe); she's born in 2003 and she's the maknae, the lead dancer n vocalist. She's also the 2nd visual, along with lia. She also appeared in bts's Love Yourself Highlight Reel.
    I hope that little presentation helped you ^^ (im sorry if i missed something or mistaken it, im not that good at itzy)
    Edit; after checking, i changed some littles things :)

  • jungllekook


     6 months ago +298

    This is such a bop
    I like the youngest I dint know names yet

  • GZBKarma


     6 months ago +300

    Hey guys!!! So I do realise the video's lighting looks crappy AS HELL I'm so sorry lmao I'm looking into buying some kind of ring light to avoid this type of situation in the future. Also my acne says hi 😂!!! Anyway ITZY is telling me to love myself well I'm working on it hahaah

  • once you jimin you cant jim out

    once you jimin you cant jim out

     6 months ago +178

    Never clicked on a reaction video this fast 😂. I love itzy and this song smmmm 😘😘

  • vellya utami cania

    vellya utami cania

     6 months ago +111

    You're one of my fav kpop influencer❤

  • warae sh

    warae sh

     6 months ago +129

    "I love myself! cannot relate!" I relate to u lmao 😂😂 as always best reaction thats ma gurl :D

  • Da Monster Reaction

    Da Monster Reaction

     6 months ago +76

    Loving that jyp went with bad girl kinda group because this debut was so incredible can't wait 4 something more from them because vocally they're maturity level is so perfect the choreography had me shook rap line just shut me up outfits were outstanding

  • Celine Lukiman

    Celine Lukiman

     6 months ago +130

    i've the same reaction with you at 2:11 😂😂 which is yeji killed at the first part with that rap tho😂👏 speechless to be said

  • Kanekuro Blink

    Kanekuro Blink

     6 months ago +103

    I was waiting all day for your reaction. You are my favorite reaction chanel of kpop. You seem so natural and your reactions are always on point. Btw, stream Dalla Dalla, Itzy made it, this song is a BOP material alredy❤️😍

  • MariaakaAnnie - Cosplay

    MariaakaAnnie - Cosplay

     6 months ago +80

    Yuna is the youngest, so literally 4th JYPE maknae girl group visual❤

  • Kpop Stan

    Kpop Stan

     6 months ago +51

    The song grew on me after 5listens...also does no one think the rap part at the end sounds like the one in twice s debut song...its still good tho...twice r subaenims now😭time sure flies,😭

  • Unknown


     6 months ago +23

    all I can say is YEJI she owns me

  • Proud Stan

    Proud Stan

     6 months ago +49

    I was waiting for your reaction with impatience, you are always so fast ! Also their concept is badass yet not, cute yet not, girlcrush yet not, it's dalla, and i love it ! Keep your great reactions <3

  • Dazzling Dimple

    Dazzling Dimple

     6 months ago +39

    you're so energetic I loveeee your reaction💕 glad you enjoyed the song, I fell in love at first listen and it totally grew on me more after listening to it more

  • _Kang Joon's 개털

    _Kang Joon's 개털

     6 months ago +26

    Aaaaah la video que j'attendais !! 😂
    C'est Yeji la leader btw 😉

  • Lauriée


     6 months ago +36

    Ta réaction fait plaisir a voir, il y a beaucoup de commentaires mitigés sous la vidéo, les gens sont vraiment sévères je trouve

  • Izzul Ejul

    Izzul Ejul

     6 months ago +17

    When you were so just have 360p quality option only~ but i dont care because you still look hella amazing gurl 😆❤❤❤😆

  • KPop Star

    KPop Star

     6 months ago +24

    I was waiting for this because I usually wake up to your reactions and I didn’t and I was like HOLD UP SOMETHINGS NOT RIGHT... but here you are😂
    And btw the four groups is this group, one Japanese girl group (which he already announced a survival show for), a Chinese group, and I’m not sure what the other one is