TRUE STORIES that will Restore Your Faith in Humanity 4

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, November 21, 2018
  • TRUE STORIES that will Restore Your Faith in Humanity 4

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    Hello Citizens of Azzyland.... I'm Azzy and welcome to another amazing reaction video! Today we are looking at True Stories that will Restore Your Faith in Humanity! Some people go above and beyond to help others. They are the real heroes.


    Unbelievable Animals That Saved Peoples Lives!!! -



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  • Maria Aguirre

    Maria Aguirre

     12 hours ago

    I can't speel im 10 and strogel with spanish and enghlesh

  • Maria Aguirre

    Maria Aguirre

     12 hours ago

    I asept your apaloge azzy and hope we can meet some day

  • Ann Doyle

    Ann Doyle

     20 hours ago

    Years ago when the Titanic crashed a woman went back on the ship to save a baby she put it in a bag poked air holes and escaped the shipwreck with the baby!!!People can be so nice sometimes

  • Hai Yen Truong

    Hai Yen Truong

     22 hours ago

    WHEN SOMETHING ELSE HAPPENS like something little I want to do something but I'm 9 and my mum always says "it's not your business Don't do anything" and I always feel guilty but I have to follow what my mum says ;-; (please don't hate me)

  • Renee Rushing

    Renee Rushing


    I have not seen my favorite police officer deputy Hudson I found him in Walmart I hugged him so tight

  • Rhondel Golden

    Rhondel Golden


    This is me

  • Hilary Safford-Smith

    Hilary Safford-Smith

     2 days ago

    I Love it so much😘

  • Sylvia harm

    Sylvia harm

     2 days ago

    I like your necklace it is a dimond

  • laughingleaf x

    laughingleaf x

     3 days ago

    Funniest (joke btw)

    Read the first to words ;)

  • Emma Ball Official

    Emma Ball Official

     4 days ago


  • Diblet The man

    Diblet The man

     4 days ago

    So sad

  • DT_monkeyzzz Vlogs

    DT_monkeyzzz Vlogs

     4 days ago

    When i was 7 i saw a 3 year old girl who had ran out of her house and about to run on the road,so my mum jumped out of the car and picked the little girl up and looked around for her mum,she found the mum and now that little girl is still alive

  • Shelby Miller

    Shelby Miller

     5 days ago

    This is so heart warming and motivating. so I will try to bring money to school to give my friend cuz she can not pay for her lunch

  • Dung Tran

    Dung Tran

     6 days ago

    i heard a bleard from u

  • Abdulrahman Fteik

    Abdulrahman Fteik

     6 days ago +1

    I live in Canada

  • Abdulrahman Fteik

    Abdulrahman Fteik

     6 days ago +1

    Hi I Love you so much Nancy is my favourite singer she is from Lebanon and my name is Noura I am from Syria 😘😄

  • Flower Mound Foodies

    Flower Mound Foodies

     7 days ago

    .? I don’t have any time for this week

  • troy bammer

    troy bammer

     7 days ago

    Hey azzy watch the YouTube channel awesome animals\animal rescues

  • cc oo

    cc oo

     7 days ago


  • cc oo

    cc oo

     7 days ago +1