Funniest DIVORCE & EXES moments on Family Feud!

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, August 10, 2022
  • Funniest DIVORCE & EXES moments on Family Feud! ❌❌❌ Insane answers stun Steve Harvey!

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    00:00 What do you think you would do the first day of being divorced?
    00:16 Name something your ex stuck you with.
    00:32 Name something an ex-girlfriend was better at than your wife.
    00:51 Name something of an ex’s that a person might pee on for revenge.
    01:13 Name something a divorced man hopes his ex-wife will do.
    01:30 Name something a man might send his ex-wife on the anniversary of their divorce.
    01:42 Name something a man might say his ex-wife and an elephant have in common.
    01:57 Name something you hope happens to all the guys who’ve ever dumped you.
    02:16 Name something new you’d get that you’d rub in the face of an ex-boyfriend.
    02:47 Name something a woman might love to hear that her ex-husband has lost.
    03:11 Name a famous man whose ex-wife you’d love to be.
    03:25 You finally located your old love. How come you don’t recognize them?
    03:38 Name another word for crazy.
    03:57 I’ve always thought it might be fun to BLANK naked.
    04:16 Name something a man might do to his ex-wife’s house on Halloween.
    04:28 I’d like to run into my ex-boyfriend with a what?
    04:44 Name a way you’d break up with a woman you suspect is crazy.
    05:02 If you went to hell, who would you expect to see in the welcoming committee?
    05:18 Name something drastic a man might do to get out of marrying his girlfriend.
    05:30 The best thing about my ex is BLANK.
    05:49 Child support coincidence tickles Steve Harvey!
    07:01 Forensic accountant takes Steve Harvey on a stroll down Memory Lane.
    07:56 Steve Harvey’s book changed her love life!
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