BEST FOOD 2018 - My YouTube Rewind!

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, December 26, 2018
  • Get more details about all 10 meals: for 2 new videos every weekT-shirts and caps: all 10 full videos:, I want to say a huge thank you for your amazing support - for watching, sharing, liking, our videos, and for your positivity and encouragement throughout the year.I love to eat vegetables, but 2018 turned into a bit of a meat heavy year, but I probably had some of the best meat dishes I have ever had in my life.In this list of best food 2018, along with the top 10 meals in 2018, I also included 10 of my favorite travel destinations, and the camera / video gear I used throughout the year - you can see that on the blog: Mexico to Pakistani, it was an amazing year, and thank you again for your incredible support!Happy New Year!MUSIC: GEAR I used to make this video (these are affiliate links):Main camera: lens: lens: you for watching!
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  • Mark Wiens

     6 months ago

    What was your best meal in 2018? Thank you for your amazing support this year, and wishing you a Happy New Year! And here is the blog post with more details about all these meals: and you can watch the 10 full videos here:

  • Umar Singh Arain

     6 days ago

    Thanks Mark love you brother this is real Face our country beautiful pakistan Pakistan Zindabad

  • hamdard ahmadi

     13 days ago

    Hi tray some Afghanistan food .

  • Mahendra Kanodiya

     6 months ago

    No doubt Pakistan food and series was the ultimate winner.. ultimate winner food, ultimate winner hospitality. love from india 🇮🇳

  • Bilal Mansab

     2 days ago

    Respect your thoughts .from your brother country I mean Pakistan

  • shaan security

     1 months ago

    Madarchod abhi to usne India nahi dekha hai na...

  • Red Trance

     3 months ago

    Pakistan Series was the best really ..nice people with great hospitality very friendly and of course good food and amazing places! ..Greetings from Italy.

  • Nestor Cabrales


    Ima watch just because your from Italy

  • Bilal Nasir

     1 months ago

    Red Trance peace ✌🏻 ♥️

  • Swag Money Vlogs

     5 months ago

    It makes me so happy my home country, Pakistan, has been shed in such a positive light by you Mark. Thank You!

  • Han South

     29 days ago

    i like the scene where the men were seating around on the floor, eating their meal under wooden seemed idyllic and traditional

  • Alvaro

     5 months ago

    i think the best food i saw in your channel 2018 was the pakistani food hands down.....

  • Syed Abrar

     28 days ago


  • Han South

     29 days ago

    it did look good and i don't even eat meat

  • The Immortal Achiles

     5 months ago

    One of my best friends is from Pakistan, we Chinese accept all. But the American press makes us look evil. I am not discriminating against America, I love it since I was born here but this is a food channel and the comments should be more accepting of foreign cultures. Love Pakistan, from your Eastern Neighbors in China :)

  • Russianvlogger33


    The American media isn't making the citizens look evil, it's just the government.

  • Spinsadar khan

     1 months ago

    Thank,pak china are united,and in future ,We all neighbours will United,Pakistan,china,Iran,afghanistan,india,Russia,because,just For peace.

  • 담아

     6 months ago

    Winner of the year 2018 is from me Pakistan. Thumbs up if anyone agreed with me.

  • syed naqvi

     11 days ago

    Absolutely ..

  • rab day

     19 days ago

    the loser had to be the african food ... i nearly threw my ring when he was eating it

  • F k

     3 months ago

    I really wana eat chapli kabab with tandoori Naaan!!!! One of my favourite!!! Love Pakistan!!! Love USA !!!! lots of love from USA!!!

  • Music World

     8 days ago

    It's good too, eat in winner

  • M.Nabeel Shabeer

     1 months ago

    We are always here to wc u dear :)


     4 months ago

    ❤️ 🇵🇰Pakistan from Bangladesh 🇧🇩

  • Shahib Raza inquilab

     2 months ago

    oh god hahahahaha too much have you forgotten evrything about our history pola

  • Alex K

     5 months ago

    Well, Pakistan is winner?