Recreating Discontinued Burger King Menu Items (TASTE TEST)



  • Limitless


     20 hours ago +1

    8:35 Sanga maybe?

  • XioNet Music

    XioNet Music


    now im hungry ;-;

  • bryant ehrat

    bryant ehrat


    Vrung back the Fry burger or the bacon sundae 🤤🤤

  • Extra Medium

    Extra Medium


    These guys crack me up lol

  • MrCoffee Time

    MrCoffee Time


    The whopperito was one of my favorite items from burger king.

  • Chris Sweetser

    Chris Sweetser


    Rhett’s shirt 😂 WILL IT TACOOOOO!!!!

  • Fritte _

    Fritte _

     3 days ago

    The australians call a sandwiches, a sanger.

  • Kasi Moore

    Kasi Moore

     3 days ago +1

    The only way to refer to a sandwich here in Australia is by calling it a Sanga! It is law.

  • Alex Rohde-Barthel

    Alex Rohde-Barthel

     3 days ago

    The Whopperito was about twice as big as their re-creation.

  • Gordon Ramsay

    Gordon Ramsay

     4 days ago

    What is this garbage! Disgusting!

  • tweetthang96


     4 days ago

    You know what BK should bring back? The cheesy tots. They just discontinued them and I am inCENSED (not really but I did really like them so please Burger King?)

  • Yashwin Chawla

    Yashwin Chawla

     4 days ago +1

    *please don't slurp your burger.*

  • Ink Jones

    Ink Jones

     4 days ago

    Didn’t they bring this back though

  • Jeremiah Sgro little bit of everything

    Jeremiah Sgro little bit of everything

     4 days ago

    Mac and chetoes gross.

  • Sin City Slugger

    Sin City Slugger

     4 days ago

    Pizza burgers are amazing

  • PiggieFatNose


     4 days ago


  • James Fauvelle

    James Fauvelle

     5 days ago

    Just because you like it doesn’t mean other people will

  • Baku Raijin

    Baku Raijin

     5 days ago

    ...Why...ARE they called HAMburgers???

  • Chimera


     5 days ago

    Damn it Link, burritos are not Mexican food.

  • qjmad


     5 days ago

    I liked the whopper'rito