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  • Published on:  Monday, December 28, 2020
  • 00:00 💛 The LEGEND of NARVIE Part 1 💛
    Legend has it that Narvie is a monster who has powers to turn everything into gold and hates babies. The Cry Babies Magic Tears are not afraid and decide to go find Narvie. Eventually they find his cave and find out that Narvie… is also a Cry Baby! Poor Narvie lives all alone because he isn't able to control his power... Narvie has even turned his pet into gold! Will the rest of the Cry Babies Magic Tears be able to help Narvie control his powers?

    05:00 💛💛 The LEGEND of NARVIE Part 2 💛💛
    The Cry Babies Magic Tears want to help Narvie make his pet not gold anymore. They decide to go to the Fantasy World so Tina helps them by using the crystal ball… which is also made of gold now! Will the Cry Babies Magic Tears be able to help Narvie with his problem? Will Narvie's pet be made of gold forever?

    09:45 💛💛💛 The LEGEND of NARVIE Part 3 💛💛💛
    In order to make Narvie's pet not gold anymore, the Cry Babies Magic Tears have to plunge it in the Rainbow Lake and sing magic words, but… the lake is frozen! The Cry Babies Magic Tears will have to find a way to submerge Narvie's pet in the water. Do you think they will make it?

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