♪ JURASSIC PARK 3 THE MUSICAL - Animated Parody Song

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  • Published on:  Sunday, August 5, 2018
  • Animated music video parody of the movie "Jurassic Park 3"
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    Movie Musicals #44: JURASSIC PARK 3 THE MUSICAL
    Alan Grant and Billy are tricked into visiting to Isla Sorna by Mr and Mrs Kirby where they meet a singing Spinosaurus, a T-Rex, a raptor family, pteranodons, and of course Cooper, a professional who can handle himself ...or so Udesky claimed.

    ►Script, Song, Vocals & Animation: Lhugueny
    ►Vocals and Co-Producer: WDi_40


    Alan Grant:
    Still digging up bones, sifting through the dirt,
    Specialize in raptors, the way they hurt.
    Ellie moved on for kids and a family,
    I hate babies, they make me feel insanity.

    Lecturing investors is bad enough,
    I do it for the cash, but the crowd is rough.
    "Would you return to Jurassic?" That’s all they ever ask,
    No force on earth or heaven could get me to go back.

    Except money, obviously. Everybody needs money.

    Smelly apes just breached our territory,
    We need to go kill them all.
    We’ll wait and ambush, and then we’ll rush,
    Snap their necks after they fall.

    Wanted to greet humans visiting,
    They shot me, it’s so rude,
    So I’ll use them for food,
    I’m starving.

    I will fight a T-Rex, wrestle him.
    I star in this thriller,
    Most effective killer,
    So I ask...

    Am I hybrid, or natural?
    Question that I ponder, cause I’m so much stronger, than the rest.
    Am I hybrid, or natural?
    Hunting down the humans, cause they hit my huge fin, with their plane.

    Am I natural?
    Or hybrid dino.
    Am I natural?
    Or hybrid dino.

    Alan Grant:
    Kirby lied about the nature of this mission,
    Pop him in the nose for his dishonest decision.
    Billy stole some eggs so I tell him that he’s scum,
    Pteranodons turn him into prehistoric chum.

    Escape in a boat, meet the Spino in the water,
    He’s hungrier than hell and he’s ready for a slaughter.
    Mr Kirby finds redemption, lures the beast away,
    Then I shoot it with a flare and save the day.

    Let’s work together to go end those humans,
    They’re trying to run off with our eggs.
    Maybe they’ll fry em, and I would cry,
    So we must bite em, so they die.

    Now that I have tasted human beings,
    I can’t get enough cause,
    Their meat isn’t tough,
    It is so sweet.

    Track em down before the raptors do,
    Defeated a T-Rex,
    Audience was upset,
    By his death.

    Paul Kirby:
    This is your fault, and the guy you were banging,
    Eric’s lost, Ben’s dead and hanging.
    You need to stop yelling, can’t you see?
    When the tricycloplots get ya, don’t come cryin’ to me.

    Sneak through the mist, you’ll never hear me coming,
    Use my giant wings to catch yo b***h a** running.
    Let some of you escape, but you must pay the price,
    Take Billy with my homies as a sacrifice.


    (c) 2018 LHUGUENY
  • Source: https://youtu.be/2ylvPtk-DNA


  • Alteori

     (Aug 5, 2018)

    Freaking AWESOME!!! 😍😍

  • andi Laynes

     (4 days ago)


  • DenisCatLoverP YT

     (Apr 11, 2019)

    Hell ya

  • Kinggamerkid Gaming

     (Aug 5, 2018)

    Who else saw Owen from the navy at 3:40 There is even a video saying was Owen in a Jurassic Park movie before search it up84 Likes already damn Daniella123 Likes already damn Daniella

  • Caleb Short

     (23 hours ago)


  • Luis Perez

     (2 days ago)

    I saw him!

  • JP3 Spinosaurus 04

     (Dec 30, 2018)

    2018/19? Best musical. Like for Spiny return in JW3!

  • Guadalupe Sanchez

     (2 days ago)

    JP3 Spinosaurus 04. III oficial original original interior Kate

  • T. rex King

     (4 days ago)

    It would be awesome to see the Spino return but only if it's done right

  • Cristobal Montes

     (Nov 1, 2018)

    Libre se el spinosaurus es tu favorito

  • DenisCatLoverP YT

     (Apr 11, 2019)

    Is someone speak English

  • Karla Felix

     (Apr 9, 2019)

    +julian12370 este es el club de fans del spinosaurio las puertas de salida estan a la derecha porfavor :)

  • Cristobal Montes

     (Nov 1, 2018)

    Like si el spinosaurus es natural

  • it's me Jyencon

     (3 days ago)

    No es tan natural, lo crearon para que sea más peligroso peligroso que un spino normal :v

  • Facundo JJ

     (Apr 3, 2019)

    +xenomorph and dinosaurs tienes razón pero con todo respeto estamos hablando de la palucula

  • David Taylor

     (Oct 23, 2018)

    I Love this one! The only thing I would change is to tone down the swearing. Other than that, I loved it.

  • Léo Désiles

     (Aug 5, 2018)

    jurassic park 2 please

  • Nicklas Larsen

     (Apr 5, 2019)

    Many people might hate me for this but, if the T-Rex had defeated the Spino I would have hated the movie.

  • Luka van Blankers

     (17 hours ago)


  • Oluwaseyin Ayodele

     (2 days ago)


  • John Captain Price

     (Oct 8, 2018)

    The Spinosaur Practically Saved Them xD1. Saved a man from getting hit by a plane2. From a t.rex killin them3. From a plane stuck in a tree that could fall/get attacked?4. Saved kirby from fallin5.saved them from a rusty boat that can sink anytime?

  • Pedro Rodrigues

     (4 days ago)

    But eat him.

  • Renegade_ Galaxy

     (Apr 1, 2019)


  • Indoraper from JWFK

     (Oct 22, 2018)

    It's actually it's a sail