Discontinued Shaq Pack Burger Taste Test



  • Graffiti griffen

    Graffiti griffen

     4 days ago

    do you mean fry sauce instead vague pink sauce

  • Chris


     10 days ago

    You guys make fun of the whole "is the sauce free?" question, but most restaurants north of seattle charge you for any sauces you want aside from ketchup. That is, unless you're getting nuggets or something, then they specifically say how many sauces you get for free on the menu, and additional sauces are extra.

  • Tina Haller

    Tina Haller

     10 days ago

    Shaq has a chicken restaurant. It's on the cruise chip I'm going on in may.

  • Malek Nour

    Malek Nour

     12 days ago

    this guy needs to eat with his mouth closedlol

  • Donavan Cargin

    Donavan Cargin

     13 days ago

    When they interrupt him multiple times, feelsbad

  • Simple_Dack


     14 days ago

    Does anyone remember the horrendous Sega/SNES game Shaq-Fu?

  • Jordan Randolph

    Jordan Randolph

     16 days ago

    Lol “shaft was on the brain”

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     18 days ago


  • luigit0ilet


     19 days ago

    the chef dude looks a ton like that dude from alpha dog

  • Brad Johnson

    Brad Johnson

     19 days ago

    major burger descusions :3

  • Rodney Spence

    Rodney Spence

     21 days ago

    Michael Cera

  • thomas thompson sunshinescopes

    thomas thompson sunshinescopes

     22 days ago

    Black lives matter pack...chicken sandwich,chicken niggets,chicken strips,grilled chicken salad

  • Howie Feltersnatch

    Howie Feltersnatch

     27 days ago

    But the poster says cheese sauce not chili sauce..

  • Carvalho Diablo

    Carvalho Diablo

     28 days ago

    Did Josh just escape from Dannamora ?

  • Christopher Campbell

    Christopher Campbell

     29 days ago

    I can see them saying "free sauce" in their adverts so that a person can't approach the counter and ask to lower the price to not have the sauce. As a former front-cashier for Chick-Fil-A we use to get this a lot when it came to a seasonal special. Shortly after they started implying the extras were free.

  • Martin Alberter

    Martin Alberter

     1 months ago

    Sauce costs extra in European McDonalds, ketchup and mayo included.

  • Mario Beltran

    Mario Beltran

     1 months ago

    I had to resist the urge to throw my own pepperoni

  • Daniel Teunissen

    Daniel Teunissen

     1 months ago

    Lays is a Pepsico company

  • Steven Lewis

    Steven Lewis

     1 months ago

    Link irritates tf outa me by trying to damn hard

  • ItsSule Rashid

    ItsSule Rashid

     1 months ago

    I understand josh made it but he doesn’t have to be there all the time his face is pretty obnoxious