Ranking the Winx Club Transformations from Worst to Best

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  • Published on:  Sunday, September 8, 2019
  • In which we rank, from worst to best, the transformations of Winx Club.

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  • Source: https://youtu.be/5cr2DDCd_7U


  • Unicorn of War - Thomas Vaccaro

    Unicorn of War - Thomas Vaccaro

     a months ago +768

    Around 20:18 I had to use royalty free music from the YouTube Audio Library. "Siamo Noi Le Winx" got hit with a copyright claim and no way in hell I was re-editing and re-rendering this behemoth.




    personally, believix and Season 4 are the best

  • 。Amaishi//アマイシ


     6 days ago

    It honestly also bothers me how the Dragon Flame form is called “Bloomix” like yes we get that Bloom is the main one but the creators didn’t have to go as far to prove that by making a transformation’s name related with Bloom’s name. It probably would have been better if it were named “Flamix” (Fley-mix) or something not named “Bloomix”. I do love the outfits though I’ll give ‘em that

  • Juju 123

    Juju 123

     7 days ago +1

    Enchantix is the best period

  • Whiterose Petal Tale

    Whiterose Petal Tale

     7 days ago

    I honestly thing I prefer Bloomix(behind the context of how the forms wore earned + the design is actually nice)
    And harmonix(common harmonix sounds like some sort of universal harmony guardian preserving peace and life across the universe)oh the design is nice too

  • Kitten Lover07

    Kitten Lover07

     7 days ago

    i feel like theyre going to have a specific transformation for each winx
    Aisha- sirenix maybe?
    Bloom- bloomix
    Flora/Roxy- butterflix
    Stella- Cosmix
    maybe well have a transformation based on musa's and techna's powers too

  • Julija Josifov

    Julija Josifov

     14 days ago

    14:07 me every single time when I see Winx on fuckelodeon. Why did you did this to my girl Roxy????

  • Gacha fan

    Gacha fan

     14 days ago

    Next transformation: Magic winx! Netflix!

  • Gacha fan

    Gacha fan

     14 days ago

    Did bloom just speak with her mouth closed? 9:34

    G A C H A A N D W I N X C O L L A B



     14 days ago +2

    I agree with Mythix, though the look is much more acceptable when you look for the official 2D artworks. In my opinion, it's the weird CGI that ruins most of it in the series.

    Bloomix.. Yea, I like the individualness of the outfits. It's one of the few modern transformations that has such unique looks for the fairies. Other than that, I'm not into the warrior style it has. You either like it or not. For the rest, not a too interesting transformation otherwise.

    Believix. Definitely one of my most favourites. It's amazing! But as no transformation can beat Enchantix (not even the great look of Believix), I'm always half disappointed when I watch the episode where they earn this power and I have to say goodbye to Enchantix. What bothers me, is that the power of the Winx seems to decrease, as it becomes dependent on people believing in them. It feels like a downgrade. There aren't too many interesting new powers I think, but I like the Superwings (except Zoomix, since Stella's already had the ability to teleport herself and the others in earlier seasons). Still love Believix! <3

    Butterflix... I could never really like it, except for the song and the effects of the special powers which look really great, but that's more an animation thing. Yes, Layla's hair is indeed amazing. Okay, the look might not be that bad. But it's still fcking Butterflix! No way it can be better than Believix, never!

    Tynix. Now that you're showing some screens of the Miniworlds, I realise once again how beautiful they look and that this is probably the best modern season when it comes to detail to effects and environments. I don't have a strong opinion about Tynix. I didn't find the Miniworlds that interesting storywise, so yea.

    Cosmix! Didn't see too much of Season 8 yet. But I also agree the song is really similar to Magic Winx!

    Harmonix. Useless storywise. I wish they used this instead of Sirenix, because Harmonix just looks so much better! Musa's hair especially OMG! (Tecna's hair not.) I kinda like the sequence, but I feel they look too much the same for each fairy. Former transformations were more unique for each fairy.

    Sirenix. Yea, I like this one too. The 3D version is better than the 2D version in my opinion. I would've liked the 2D version more if it had had the same movements as the 3D one, as the current 2D one just is too long and.. yea, useless long. The song is great. We stan Elisa Rosselli. I would still have put Sirenix under Harmonix, because Sirenix doesn't really have interesting powers and it doesn't seem like they got stronger than they were in Harmonix.

    Enchantix. Yes. YES!!! The only thing I have to say about it is that it lasted to short. I would've very appreciated Season 3 to last a bit longer, so Enchantix would've had more time to shine. Enchantix deserved more screentime and more adventures, and maybe an even more epic last fight against Valtor. Enchantix Forever! <3

    Thanks for the video! And thanks to everyone who took the time to read my opinions. :)

  • Keegan Kopcik

    Keegan Kopcik

     14 days ago

    Wakanda Forever!

  • Haruki Shirota

    Haruki Shirota

     14 days ago

    15:27, 18:27, 30:05.

  • Loosecat 56

    Loosecat 56

     21 days ago

    Kinda wish Harmonix was introduced as a weaker alternative to Sirenix because of the curse. That is until the girls figure out a way to crack it and use the transformation safely. That would justify Harmonix being given to them.

  • clara ao melody

    clara ao melody

     21 days ago

    You need to make a video on the live action cast please!!!! They made Musa look like Flora! THey replaced Flora with a completly diffrent girl called Terra and Rivens hair is all wrong!!!

  • ButterflyStorm X03140X

    ButterflyStorm X03140X

     21 days ago

    I really want to see how Unicorn would rewrite the newer seasons (exspecially season 5-7)...

  • Helma-Joy Dietrich

    Helma-Joy Dietrich

     21 days ago +1

    9 Mythix
    8 Bloomix
    7 Believix
    6 Butterflix
    5 Tynix
    4 Cosmix
    3 Harmonix
    2 Sirenix
    1 Enchantix

  • Surgeon Funtime

    Surgeon Funtime

     21 days ago +3

    Season’s 9 transformation: Asterix.

    Mid-season power up: Obelix

  • WCD Channel

    WCD Channel

     21 days ago +1

    Watching this in full for the third time just because.
    I guess this is my favorite video of yours. 😬

  • Julian Tan

    Julian Tan

     21 days ago +1

    Wait a minute a boy watching winx club you big fat CC

  • Pensync Epic

    Pensync Epic

     21 days ago