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  • Published on:  Saturday, January 13, 2018
  • We built the Worlds biggest underground Box Fort on a stranded Island in Hawaii! Check out this awesome box fort challenge and enjoy the bunker before the ocean comes in and takes the tunnel box fort underwater!

    Today the Sharer Fam, Stephen Sharer and his brother Carter Sharer and friend sister Lizzy Sharer carve a tunnel on the beach, and go down, under ground, inside a beach cave and then build an underground box fort. You may have seen Stephen Sharer build an “UNDERWATER BOX FORT!!” And swim inside the boxfort while floating on the pool. Well today Stephen Sharer takes a dive into a beach cave that Lizzy Sharer and Carter Sharer helped build. Inside the underground box fort (not yet waterproof) there is so much room! Stephen shows the wall that can be dug out and made big enough to store toys, like nerf guns, slime and even snacks for Carter! This cardboard box fort house challenge was awesome and Steven thinks he should do the 24hour box fort challenge and spend the night underground in the boxfort. Major shoutout to PapaJake for giving the Sharer Fam this awesome idea with his “UNDERGROUND BOX FORT BUNKER!!📦” vlog! Comment #BoxFort and some epic ideas you have for another epic family friendly fun vlog!!

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    ❇️ EPIC VLOGS ❇️
    ▶︎ UNDERWATER BOX FORT!! https://www.clipvl.net/video/cs1ds9KAN_k/video.html
    ▶︎ ISLAND BOX FORT VS OCEAN!! https://www.clipvl.net/video/qBJQteFrDAc/video.html
    ▶︎ PAPA JAKE UNDERGROUND BOX FORT BUNKER!!📦 https://www.clipvl.net/video/uKF63RkGCwA/video.html

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