Day in the Life of an Average Japanese Salaryman in Tokyo

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  • Published on:  Friday, July 5, 2019
  • Japanese work day at a Japanese office for an average Japanese salaryman in a Tokyo office. Living in Japan and working in Japan is quite a unique experience. This is a day in the life of Japanese worker, Makoto, 27 years old who lives in a Tokyo 3-story house with his family. This Tokyo salaryman works in a small Tokyo office, but spends many of his Japan working hours traveling from client to client on the Tokyo trains. Makoto works for a company called Mobal and as many Japanese salarymen, he entered the company straight from a Japanese University and he plans to spend his entire salaryman career at the same company. That is the life in Japan for a salaryman. We take a look inside what it's like to work in a small Tokyo office as well as to visit clients throughout Tokyo city area. His job experiences maybe unique to his company, but fundamentally he is very much an average salaryman. He commutes by train everyday to get to work and has to ride his mama-chari bike to get to the train station from his home. This Tokyo salaryman life has him arriving to work early and working late. As a salaryman, Makoto receives a standard salary every month for all the long work hours. The Japanese office is also configured so his boss' desk is right in front of him, quite a Japanese style office working environment. This very average Japanese work day and work lifestyle showcases a true day in Japan work life.


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  • Paolo fromTOKYO

    Paolo fromTOKYO

     3 months ago +699

    My Day in the Life Video Series Playlist -
    Also, Comment on what other Day in the Life vids you want to see!

  • Irene Ward

    Irene Ward

     3 minutes ago

    i hope he gets at least two days off...there's no time to enjoy life being a salaryman...its depressing..

  • 若林ヘルメス


     2 hours ago +1

    I was like this!!
    however fortunately I've got tons of free time now,
    some people call me hikikomori.

  • Isaac Vecchia

    Isaac Vecchia

     3 hours ago

    This is literally hell

  • cup noodles

    cup noodles

     3 hours ago

    J a p s hahaha

  • Mike


     5 hours ago

    If a man labored for 12 hours every day for 40+ years, he should have a castle, a mansion, and a dozen kids. Instead, we are quiet slaves who can't stop from shitting out more helpless children to endure the same mental and emotional torture. Then, the owners of all of these businesses make it "dishonorable" to do anything but those things which make them rich.

    Greed kills nations, enslaves peoples, makes humanity once more an animal. We are just animals now.

  • Mike


     6 hours ago

    Do not have children, you're all slaves, just like Americans.

  • Lolo Mak

    Lolo Mak

     7 hours ago

    I remember my fist job was at a dry clean
    I used to work there from 9:00 am to 7:00 pm
    I only worked there for a month and it was real hell cause I returned home late and didn’t have enough time to do anything for myself
    But I think that’s the norm in japan !!
    And yet they complain about their birth rates declining and more hikikmori appearing
    Japan is great but people need to understand life isn’t part of work
    Work is part of life

  • 片岡奏太


     16 hours ago


  • Alex Matibag

    Alex Matibag

     18 hours ago

    no wonder, they are not so into relationship with opposite sex.
    they were so occupied.

  • Youry Prophete

    Youry Prophete

     21 hours ago

    Great video man. I cant believe they let you film everything.

  • Virginia BunnyGoblin

    Virginia BunnyGoblin

     23 hours ago

    That's a hard-working man.

  • Sridhar Rao

    Sridhar Rao


    Hardworking, inspired me to work little more hard😄

  • The Knight

    The Knight


    He is 27 years old and he is single . That's good!

  • LtDans Legs

    LtDans Legs


    Long commute on crowded public transport, a dull office, menial tasks, pointless meetings, anal levels of politeness and a cultural expectation that doing more hours in the office indicates a hard worker with good character. 11 - 12 hours of your life have just passed you by on their way to some balance sheet.... This could just as easily be a British salaryman to be honest.

  • n y

    n y



  • レミフラ


     yesterday +1

    This is Japanese.
    Please translate.


  • Des T

    Des T


    The traditions seem quite... rigid.

  • ALL HAIL VEGETA - the GOD Saiyan Prince

    ALL HAIL VEGETA - the GOD Saiyan Prince


    Man this shit is crazy. This much work? And still stay average.

    Man..i just had a small plot of land. Sold it. Hired a few people and Started a van conversion business.

    Its been 5 years. I profit almost $ 3 M - $ 5 M a year. God damn this salaryman culture is shit.

  • Apple Squilly

    Apple Squilly


    Skipping morning shower never knew that was a thing in Japan