How To Approach A Love At First Sight | Go,back Diary | EP.01 (Click CC for ENG sub)

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  • Published on:  Thursday, November 15, 2018
  • How we dated back then.avi7:19 Anyone recognizes this song? lol How We Loved In 2008 | Go,back Diary | EP.01--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------✨ Subscribe 'Playlist Global' now! ↓☞✨ Facebook Page ☞ Wed/Sun 7 p.m.(KST, GMT +9) : Story of the students- Thu/Sat 7 p.m.(KST, GMT +9) : Story of the young adults(or office workers)#fling #proposal #love
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  • PlayList Global

     8 months ago

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  • Ulisha Pulami

     27 days ago

    @Parween Rahman plz can you tell me where is cc

  • My Style

     1 months ago

    Please made season 2 when they're employees and hyunbi meet someone new and he's regretted it, please bring Kim dongkyu from garten model as her new man, please make jaehyun truly regretted it

  • Jennie Lee

     8 months ago

    Why are they acting like 2008 was the 90s LOL

  • Rie Andrique

     3 months ago

    Because this is how 2008 looks like, tbh😂

  • Jessica 제시카

     4 months ago

    SERIOUSLY. They making me feel like a dinosaur over here 🙄

  • Trashy Tiff

     2 months ago


  • Lizbeth Hernandez

     21 days ago


  • Victorious Vicky

     24 days ago

    @Lamija Alijevic The name of the song is "A-Teen" by Seventeen. You'll find it by searching up the title and artist

  • Victoria Logan

     8 months ago

    Typical of life, he finally finds her when he stops looking

  • Yogur Lapiz

     7 months ago

    I do that when I want to find my keys. I stop looking for them XD

  • Ikonic BlackVelvet

     8 months ago

    Well I learned one thing while watching this video.Stalking is fine as long as you’re hot 👍

  • Chogidie

     8 months ago

    who tf showers with clothes

  • sohur yusuf

     28 days ago

    Muslim girls

  • Maria Joanna Yoon

     1 months ago

    Jae hyun hahaha

  • Chilando Kapatamoyo

     8 months ago

    The fact that he is wearing that red scarf is sooo 2008 lol

  • lucy srz

     2 months ago

    @StrawberryBlond21 GD/Bigbang brought it to Korea tho

  • thahirah alee

     4 months ago

    and the background mysic at rhe cafe too !

  • Dasol Kim

     8 months ago

    imagine being rude enough to look into someone elses karaoke room

  • Eddie Blu

     8 months ago

    Am I the only one who finds this just a teeny bit creepy?

  • Arden Cho

     1 months ago


  • reɴjυɴѕ rιce roll

     4 months ago

    8:51 that’s the cutest smile ever!!?!? If she doesn’t fall for him I will