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  • Published on:  Friday, August 12, 2022
  • comment your choices for this viral tiktok challenge "this or that" and let's make it viral on youtube shorts! sour patch kids or gummy worms? spring or fall? roller skating or ice-skating? are you like @Dixon Sisters @Nayeli Lo Vera or @Anis Sienna all of your choices in the comments for a chance to win rock merch! we will comment back and ask you to email your shipping address! we ship all over the world!
    share one of our recent videos on your Youtube community page and on your Youtube story for another chance to WIN Rock Merch!
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    this is such a fun youtube short! youtube should put it on the trending page for sure! or maybe they can put one of our VODs on trending like "we became superheros for 24 hours" or "kids turn 21 for a day" @faye and @peja were so cute in these videos!
    we are racing Nidal Wonder to 1 million subs! who will win?
    which rock squad member are you most like? @peja @faye @Dixon Sisters @Anis Sienna @Nayeli Lo Vera @Jiji Wonder or @sebastian
    what would Anna McNulty, Sophie Dossi or Rebecca Zamolo choose? do they like to roller skate? do they all like Starbucks?
    do you think Unspeakable can bust 100 prank myths in 24 hours? I don't know if that's possible? Can Ben Azelart break 100 rules in 24 hours? should the rock squad try one of those videos? I bet @Airrack could, he starts a lot of trends on youtube and so do @Stokes Twins
    the @The Royalty Family should try this trend, they are so funny, we love their content! Andrea, ferran and Ali are so good at Youtube!
    Did you hear mrbeast gave away an island for reaching 100 million subs? we will give away and iphone13 and other apple products when we get 1 million subs, when will that happen? maybe in 4 months because you guys are so awesome and the best supporters!!
    In this or that, Jordan matter's daughter Salish would not go for burgers for sure! her best friend Nidal loves a good burger though lol he moved to Texas and they chose Peja as her California best friend!
    do you like fruit to veggies? what's better Nike or Adidas? or Vans? lol
    Elliana Walmsley will do this challenge and go ice skating and sour patch kids I think! who likes ice cream better than Starbucks, I think Nidal wonder does! nidal and jiji just got a new puppy and she is in our video where we get our first job as vets for the day!
    who will win this trending challenge on YouTube shorts? or maybe you can't even win!
    do you think Jordan Matter, MrBeast , Preston, Norris Nuts or ZHC could do this? that would be a viral video to watch and great to watch if you love comedy! this viral video that is trending on tiktok and on youtube shorts is fun for back to school for teens, families, gymnasts, cheerleaders, influencers, families and dancers! the Ninja Fam should also do this against the Anasala family! Maybe Sssniperwolf will react to that! should we start a rock squad reacts channel and react to Jordan matter's new best friend video? do you guys play sports or do tiktok more? who wants to be a youtube when you grow up? Moms can be youtbers too! they should come collab with us! what shorts should we make next? comment a short and if we make it we will shout you out!

    watch us start a rock family channel!

    Watch kids then 21 for day with Peja and Nidal!

    watch our latest Barbie video to see who wins a date with Trey or Rush!

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