Dreamville - Sacrifices ft. EARTHGANG, J. Cole, Smino & Saba (Official Music Video)



  • Alex DiFonzo

    Alex DiFonzo

     5 days ago +1926

    This has got to be the most honest J. Cole has ever been when talking about his wife. Especially on a song. It is amazing.

  • Sparta Lee

    Sparta Lee

     3 days ago +1137

    Everybody talking about Cole but this video is for Johnny. It's for his dad that passed away last year. Dreamville flew his mom out to be apart, she's in the vid. ( Full story on Instagram, very sad )

  • Solomon Saul

    Solomon Saul

     3 days ago +577

    I don't know who needs to hear this, but your life matters and we need your energy. Hang in there, time heals everything.

  • TimePieceTre


     3 days ago +731

    A rap video with 4 dreadheads and not one gun bar and cussin but still so 🔥🔥🔥Dreamville full of poets
    edit: NOT a lot of cursing lol, damn yall knew what I meant but thanks for the likes Yah bless

  • Nakia Ajae

    Nakia Ajae

     2 days ago +109

    Cole giving us black Jesus vibes I see ya. Sacrifices 😔

  • Mohammed Hamza

    Mohammed Hamza

     5 days ago +5493

    This shows that you can rap about loving your wife without it being complete trash

  • la flame

    la flame

     2 days ago +148

    Y'all talking about J. Cole's verse being hard, but Johnny Venus went HARD

  • Deion’dre The Reminder

    Deion’dre The Reminder

     3 days ago +49

    J cole reveals his roots to show you he’s healing such a dynamic iconic artist of our generation

  • 38 Che

    38 Che

     2 days ago +58

    When the album dropped every song was snapping but i was blasting this song 24/7🤦🏾‍♂️🔥 J cole and his team the goats fr🐐

  • Sapadster505


     3 days ago +44

    Yo why TF is earthgang swole af



     5 days ago +2049

    Can someone translate J Cole's verse, I don't speak GOAT

  • kaardo623


     2 days ago +41

    Idk what J Cole went through in his life that made him switch his whole style up from early 2010s era but let's take appreciation in this wave! 💯

  • Limza Da Costa

    Limza Da Costa

     2 days ago +28

    You can't b er'thng to everybody, damn you J. Cole.👌👌

  • 38 Che

    38 Che

     2 days ago +34

    J cole verse was too platinum😤🐐

  • e f

    e f

     3 days ago +269

    Earthgang’s (Johnny’s) voice and musicality, J.cole’s sentiments, Saba’s cadence...nuff said 🔥

  • The Best Rapper You Never Heard Of

    The Best Rapper You Never Heard Of

     4 days ago +2456

    Chance listening to this like " that's all I was trying to say!!"

  • Judah Ruiters

    Judah Ruiters

     yesterday +19

    Jermaine Lamar Bob Marley Cole be looking like a African American Jesus 😎🙏💯



     3 days ago +97

    The problem with having J Cole in any song as that he gonna overshadow everybody lol dam that verse cuts threw the soul

  • Savagekid101 ll

    Savagekid101 ll

     3 days ago +304

    I wonder how did j Cole wife feel when she hear this song

  • Foreva Faded

    Foreva Faded

     2 days ago +14

    When Cole Said Hugging the block 😫I felt that 🙌🏾