You're So Immature! *VALENTINE'S DAY*

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  • Published on:  Sunday, February 10, 2019
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  • Xø Ella

    Xø Ella

     6 months ago +3867

    Single Squad Where Y'all at ✋😢

  • Monica R.

    Monica R.

     4 months ago +181

    “Pull her hair”
    “Give me my dollar back!”

  • chauiiee Tran

    chauiiee Tran

     5 months ago +713

    A dollar?! I Saw A $100! XD

  • XxGiGi’s MusicxX

    XxGiGi’s MusicxX

     3 months ago +74

    Aaron: there is a price
    Alex:what is it?
    Aaron:1 dollar.
    gives 100 dollars
    Alex: it didn’t work!
    Aaron: I have another idea
    Alex:what is it?
    Aaron:you have to pay
    gives another 100 dollars
    😂 😂 😂

  • Sierra Cheyenne

    Sierra Cheyenne

     5 months ago +407

    “pull her hair. girls love that”
    okay I see you 😂😏

  • Brooke Ringate

    Brooke Ringate

     6 months ago +689

    Awww i thought this was the cutest "You're So Immature" my fav part was at the end then she said "Don't say it to me say it to your valentine" and Alex says "i just did" I think thats the cutest thing ever! <3 !!!

  • Elite JED

    Elite JED

     4 months ago +94

    “I can take care of your girl problems for a price”
    “How much?”

  • jb


     5 months ago +48

    Trust meh I’m a lady’s man Me: WHOA! I’m only a eater

  • Michael Harland

    Michael Harland

     4 months ago +16

    Did you notice when he said 'this better work or I want my 3 dollars back he put 4 fingers up 😂

  • •princess Puddie•

    •princess Puddie•

     5 months ago +32

    Me when my crush says hi
    Me:* faints *

  • AngelinaPotatoes


     6 months ago +734

    “Do you have a valentine?”
    “No I don’t why do you ask?”
    “Ok bye!”
    Haha if that isn’t me 😂

  • It’s Izzy Martinez

    It’s Izzy Martinez

     5 months ago +163

    Alex gives his brother 100$ instead of 1$ funny 🤣😂

  • Katerina


     5 months ago +22

    Lmao Aaron acting out the voice was funny 😂

  • Morgan N

    Morgan N

     3 months ago +11

    me when I saw the thumbnail: Oh cool, Molly!
    Me when she kissed him: YASSSSS SHIPPPPPPPPPPPPS

  • Vivienne Tran

    Vivienne Tran

     5 months ago +12

    This is SO FREAKING CUTE!😂🤩🥰💛💕

  • Sophia Lin

    Sophia Lin

     6 months ago +313

    You guys were right this is the best your so immature!
    And my favorite part was when Aaron asked for 1dollar but Alex gave him 100dollars.😂😂

  • Wisdom Israel

    Wisdom Israel

     5 months ago +9

    pull her hair
    (Alex)😱 give me my dollar back

  • AjKing 11

    AjKing 11

     5 months ago +24

    He said 3 dollars but he put up 4 fingers

  • Kien Lam

    Kien Lam

     5 months ago +60

    when alex says "if this doesnt work i want my three dollers back but alex holds
    up 4 fingers

  • Gacha Izzy

    Gacha Izzy

     4 months ago +6

    Alex-do you have a valentines
    Molly-no why did u ask ?
    Alex-okie baiii