BTS (방탄소년단) - Seesaw (Trivia 轉) LYRICS (Color Coded Eng/Rom/Han/가사)

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  • Published on:  Friday, August 24, 2018
  • All Rights Administered by Bighit EntertainmentEnglish Translation: SPOTLIGHTRM• Artist: BTS (방탄소년단) SUGA• Song: Seesaw• Album: LOVE YOURSELF 結 'Answer' • Members: Jin, Suga, J-Hope, RM, Jimin, V, Jungkook• My bias: Suga..............................................................................• SUBSCRIBE ▶️• REQUEST SONG HERE:• FOLLOW ME:• No copyright infringement intended / Don't reupload• TAGS: SUGA SEESAWSUGA SEESAW LYRICSBTS SEESAWBTS SEESAW LyricsSEESAW BTS LyricsSEESAW lyricsBTS SEESAW color coded lyricsBTS SEESAW line distributionBTS SEESAW english transBTS SEESAW mvBTS SEESAW showcaseBTS SEESAW españolBTS SEESAW thaisubBTS SEESAW vietsubBTS SEESAW pt-br防弾少年団 SEESAW日本語字幕#BTS #Seesaw #방탄소년단 #Trivia_轉 #IDOL
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  • AnaPaulaMonstaX


     1 months ago +4992

    Suga: I can't sing.

  • ItzMe, Kk

    ItzMe, Kk

     1 months ago +2632

    Me before i knew the translation:
    violently dancing
    Me after i knew the translation:
    violently dancing with tears flowing

  • •Tourquoise Blu•

    •Tourquoise Blu•

     14 days ago +1107

    Yoongi is perfect:-
    Yes- e x i s t
    Edit: omg wow 835 likes ty army LeTs GeT iT
    Edit 2: omg 922 likes u really got it army

  • julie '

    julie '

     1 months ago +3667

    Suga:i can't sing
    me:and i can't studing
    Suga is perfect

  • Mon nek

    Mon nek

     2 months ago +10396

    Do you like suga??¿¿
    Yes: like
    No: go away :)))

  • Anyiah Scott

    Anyiah Scott

     1 months ago +1585

    Jimin: I CANT RAP!
    Yoongi:Tony Montana?
    Yoongi: I CANT SING!
    Thanks for all these likes, I really appreciate it. :3

  • Marinette ML

    Marinette ML

     1 months ago +1073

    Yoongi : I can't sing :(
    Also Yoongi : * drops seesaw *
    Me : that's why I have trust issues ( —_–)
    Edit : Omg thank you so much guys.. This is really the first time I've got so many likes...Thank you 😭😭

  • Niruthmi. K

    Niruthmi. K

     1 months ago +1151

    Adora's hidden vocals are beyond this world. Her vocals match Suga's so well. She's the Y/N we've been acting as.

  • BTS _SUGA#93

    BTS _SUGA#93

     7 days ago +421

    All right, she drop the cheesecake.
    Now I know what other army’s are talking about sjjskskksj

  • Anh Thu Thai Ngoc

    Anh Thu Thai Ngoc

     2 months ago +13317

    Do you love Suga?
    Yes - like.
    No - cmt.

  • ꧁ARMY꧂


     21 days ago +771

    Do you love Suga ?

  • Cess Ca

    Cess Ca

     21 days ago +829

    I can clearly hear Adora's voice blending with Yoongi's, so lovely and soothing

  • Fatinz Krmla

    Fatinz Krmla

     14 days ago +187

    Haters : suga can’t rap fast ... why he
    be famous ?
    Me : shows them AGUST D
    Haters : ok , suga can’t sing
    Me : shows them seesaw
    Haters : ....
    Who like suga here ????
    Yes : like.
    No : ignore.

  • Déa Márcia Ferreira

    Déa Márcia Ferreira

     14 days ago +122

    Do you loves Adora And Suga??
    Yes - Like
    Yes - Comment
    Yes - Go away

  • xxx


     11 months ago +5110

    who knew a single song can wreck a whole bias list

  • DontStep OnMyToe

    DontStep OnMyToe

     7 days ago +40

    "She dropped the cheesecake"
    army What have you done-

  • BTS Army

    BTS Army

     1 months ago +493

    Do you Like Suga?
    Yes: like
    No: Go Away ; )

  • MidnightEkaki


     1 months ago +628

    Sounds like such a lovey dovey soft song but the lyrics are pretty sad and depressing. Thats our Yoongi : )

  • Ara Jayne

    Ara Jayne

     14 days ago +114

    He literally used a seesaw as a metaphor about toxic relationships 😭

  • Kiwi Kiki

    Kiwi Kiki

     21 days ago +318

    Me: hey Alexa tell me a joke
    Alexa:Suga from BTS can’t sing
    Me:*Dies from laughter*
    EDIT 1:Thx guys for the likes!