i stole my boss phone now i am his boss

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, November 20, 2019
  • Hi, I’m Apple, and I just started working as a at a big company! I was thinking about how great this job was compared to my old babysitting job. Gosh I didn’t miss changing all those stinky diapers. One time I was emptying that family’s trash and the bag burst open and the diapers full of poop went everywhere. It was so disgusting!! And that’s when the idea came to me...Why did people not reuse diapers? What if there was a diaper service?? could order clean diapers, someone would come pick up the dirty ones, and you’d never have to deal with cleaning them yourself!! Genius!! And imagine if there was an app for it!! It was a brilliant idea, so I sat and wrote a whole business proposal for it and called it “Diaper Daddy” I told my boss about it the next day and you won’t believe what he said to me. “Caley, did I ask for your ideas? No, I didn’t. You’ve been hired specifically to do whatever I ask of you, and right now I’m asking you not to pretend that you have a brain for marketing, because you don’t. Got it?” I thought he’d at least think it was a good idea!! The next day I saw the CEO and my boss having a meeting in the glass meeting room next to my desk. On the projector was my proposal!!!! I couldn’t believe it!! It was my idea!! He’d stolen my Diaper Daddy app idea!!! The whole time he was presenting he kept looking at the CEO and smiling. It was sickening to watch. He was such a suck-up!! And the CEO loved everything about the idea! After the meeting he emailed him straight away and offered him 10 million dollar deal if he could create the app and get it up and running within a month. I sat there flabbergasted. That 10 million dollar deal should have been MINE!! I knew my boss probably assumed I’d freak out and ask him why he’d taken my idea, but I decided to do something else instead...something he wouldn’t be expecting. The next day the CEO had arranged for an app development team to come in and talk about the diaper deal. I told my boss the meeting was scheduled for 1.30pm, when actually it was scheduled for 1.00pm. It was one of our colleague’s birthdays that day and I’d brought in two giant helium-filled balloons. 5 minutes before the meeting, I decided it’d be fun if we inhaled some of the helium. I knew my boss was always up for a laugh, so I gave him some too. After he’d inhaled it all, I saw the look of horror cross his face when he noticed the app team arriving. “Oops…my bad,” I said. “The meeting is actually now!!” In the meeting, my boss stood up to introduce his idea, and as he spoke his voice came out all high pitched and squeaky like Mickey Mouse. The CEO looked horrified and the whole app team burst out laughing. Then he whispered in my ear begging me to explain the idea, but then I said, what idea are you talking about?!Even though my boss was embarrassed, he couldn’t control his laughter...even when he tried to stop. I sat there, almost myself with laughter at how brilliant this was. Afterwards, my boss came marching out of the meeting room and went straight to me and screamed “you’re fired”. He said he’d never been so humiliated in all his life, and that I was to leave the building right now. I told my boss “you’ll regret this” and threw whatever was on my desk into a box i found on the side and headed home. First he’d stolen my idea, and now he’d fired me! What a man!! I took my stuff out of the box and saw something I recognised it straight away. It was my boss’s phone!! But what was it doing in this box?
  • Source: https://youtu.be/CwWdzVK6tUM