I Should NOT have Spent 24 Hours at This Amusement Park!! (World's Scariest Roller Coaster)

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  • Published on:  Thursday, August 19, 2021
  • You saw last Stephen Sharer vlog “I Should NOT Have Given Her My Dream Car McLaren!! (BAD IDEA)” (https://youtu.be/92XW0NNWxu0) well today Stephen Share has another epic idea. Steven and the Share The Love crew bought an entire amusement park for 24 hours! It was almost like having an abandoned waterpark to themselves but this has theme park rides and drop zones and prizes to win! Thats right an entire theme park with epic adventure course rides and even the worlds scariest roller coaster. And best of all they have the entire theme park to themselves for 24 hours and the last to leave roller coaster amusement park wins! Castaway Cove in Ocean City Nj is one of the best family friendly amusement parks because it has the best theme park carnival rides and it even has Gale Force Roller Coaster which is the worlds TALLEST rollerCoaster and goes over 100mph RollerCoaster (passed out) probably! This was like an extreme heart rate challenge because everyone had their adrenaline rushing! This rollercoaster is HUGE and the sharer family is going to try to ride all these carnival amusement rides all day long and be the last to leave carnival theme park WINS challenge but these rides are so incredible that Stephen Sharer cries and almost Stephen Sharer passed out on rollercoaster. All 3 rollercoaster they have are super fast and they even go upside down flip style with a loop. How long could you last at this theme park?! This is why Stephen Sharer should NOT have spent 24 Hours at this amusement park.

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