Charlie Puth - The Way I Am [Official Video]



  • Alaka Eniola

    Alaka Eniola

     an hour ago

    Whenever he sings he just defines the person I am

  • Brazen6935


     2 hours ago

    the girl in the end looks like Trew Mullen from Sunny Family Cult. can anyone confirm that?

  • Big boy with The big toy

    Big boy with The big toy

     5 hours ago

    Eminem did it better

  • Badman Rko

    Badman Rko

     8 hours ago

    Only me love all songs of Charlie Puth.

  • 라티아


     8 hours ago

    Jungkook liked this

  • ShiClara Rawls

    ShiClara Rawls

     8 hours ago

    I do

  • Abby Mae

    Abby Mae

     11 hours ago

    I love this song. Why don’t I listen to him more?

  • Cozmo33126


     12 hours ago

    You hitted that perfect note

  • madhushanipr


     14 hours ago

    Charlie Puth is definitely attractive...but am I the only one who thinks the female model in this video is really attractive?
    Btw, I love this song. It defines me to a certain extent ;)

  • Mavis Mapfumo

    Mavis Mapfumo

     16 hours ago

    His music is just amazing

  • dvmentedaudrxy


     16 hours ago +1

    I'm sorry why does this have 15k dislikes

  • Andi Zan

    Andi Zan

     16 hours ago +1

    Omg thx Charlie dude this has a lots of meanings and I love these kind of songs you're the best 👌❤️

  • The Indian Idle

    The Indian Idle

     17 hours ago

    I like "Slow it Down" more, but this is 2nd best in Voicenotes Album.

  • Elifnur A.

    Elifnur A.

     20 hours ago

    His voice is perfect

  • Abc Abc

    Abc Abc

     20 hours ago

    I love you💚💚

  • Chaebin yun

    Chaebin yun

     21 hours ago

    We support you, cheer up! C.P!😝

  • zunaira Ovais

    zunaira Ovais

     23 hours ago

    Charlie i have ur nuber on facebook



     yesterday +1

    What's the name of girl at last ......
    At which he was saying that just the way I am...

  • NadechYaya FOREVER

    NadechYaya FOREVER


    I love you writing positivity ❤💜💗

  • NadechYaya FOREVER

    NadechYaya FOREVER