I Opened a Car Dealership That Lies to Everyone - Auto Dealership Tycoon

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, May 14, 2019
  • I Opened a Car Dealership That Lies to Everyone - Auto Dealership Tycoon
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    It's probably every car company but you know...

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    ABOUT: Auto Dealership Tycoon

    Welcome to Auto Dealership Tycoon!

    Auto Dealership Tycoon is a turn based tycoon game, in which you own and operate your own car dealership.

    Watch your Customer Satisfaction Rating, if it sinks too low customers will stop coming!

    Set the prices of your cars, too high and the customers won’t buy, too low and you could be losing out on some profit. Want to drive extra customers to your showroom? Lower the price on some of the popular cars and watch the customers fight their way in to the showroom.

    HOT Cars! Cars go on streaks, be sure to stock up when the time is right.

    Compete against other NPC owned Dealerships for used cars, in a used car auction! Attend the weekly auction and let the bidding begin.

    Is your bank account bursting at the seam? Purchase another Auto Dealership and start banking the cash. But buyer beware, a store manager can make or break your dream deal.

    Purchase upgrades for your building, such as upgraded waiting areas, vending machines, TV’s, janitor, concierge, receptionist and much more.

    Hire and fire employees, including sales manager, service manager, finance manager and showroom and service employees. Beware of employees leaving to work for a competitor’s dealership.

    Special customers will visit your Dealership on occasion! Sometimes good, sometimes bad.

    Random Events
    Sales Events
    Customer Satisfaction Rating
    Used Car Auctions
    Buy Competing Dealerships
    Adjustable Pricing
    35+ Improvements
    5 Buildings
    8 Brands
    25 Cars

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  • Brodie


     2 days ago +1

    ''We Exist To Rip You Off'' - Legit should be the name of every car dealer for shear honesty. lol

  • Thomas McGormley

    Thomas McGormley

     2 days ago

    I like how I was watching this and I get an ad from a car dealership.

  • Max Garrett

    Max Garrett

     3 days ago

    My name is jon

  • Orce P

    Orce P

     3 days ago

    Graystillplays: your being replaced with Chad
    Me:wait chadwildclay is a youtuber

  • In the Limelight

    In the Limelight

     3 days ago

    New title idea *we become the Walt Disney of Car dealerships*.

  • Misha Rogerson

    Misha Rogerson

     3 days ago

    "I don't know if you'd get such plain names like this..." Me, born in 1997 and am currently 22: my two best male friends are called Jon and Chris 😭

  • On Bekend

    On Bekend

     6 days ago


  • Aloyus Knight

    Aloyus Knight

     7 days ago

    You hate outbid at the last second? Do you even know how to ebay bruh?

  • 711 Cubing

    711 Cubing

     7 days ago

    I love the intro
    Alright so we're checking out the only game

  • wigglybones


     7 days ago

    as someone who works at a dealership, this is amazing

  • gentuxable


     7 days ago

    3:17 you instantly know it must be a bad game if even millions of dollars are not digit-grouped. If they were even too lazy to implement a formatter for currency in a game about selling and buying stuff it must be bad everywhere else as well.

  • Sasha Miller

    Sasha Miller

     7 days ago +2

    Gray when there’s a new tycoon game:

  • Ace Ebe

    Ace Ebe

     7 days ago

    Saypa Simulator

  • MT40 Q

    MT40 Q

     7 days ago

    “This people work 5 to 5 .. as in 5 am to 5 am”

  • janetweed


     7 days ago

    So Dennis Dillon

  • Talhah Raza

    Talhah Raza

     7 days ago


  • Talhah Raza

    Talhah Raza

     7 days ago


  • Talhah Raza

    Talhah Raza

     7 days ago


  • Talhah Raza

    Talhah Raza

     7 days ago


  • Talhah Raza

    Talhah Raza

     7 days ago