FINEST All You Can Eat WAGYU BEEF in Tokyo Japan: Matsusaka Beef

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, December 5, 2018
  • Rokkasen is another great All You Can Eat Wagyu place, but it's a bit more on the expensive side because they serve Matsusaka Beef and many people consider it to be better than Kobe! Matsusaka Beef has a high fat-to-meat ratio, which makes the marbling on the beef look beautiful.
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  • Strictly Dumpling

    Strictly Dumpling

     10 months ago +704

    If anyone goes to this place, pls get beefy revenge for me 🙏

  • Jun Ho

    Jun Ho

     6 days ago

    I feel like the day I eat A5 wagyu beef is the day that I become a vegetarian... because all the meats in America will taste like cardboard 😭

  • Jun Ho

    Jun Ho

     6 days ago

    Waiting for the drop of the intro music. Was left with a blue ball equivalent for your ears... 😱

  • Over Seer

    Over Seer

     7 days ago

    If you see through the meat when it's cooking than its goooddd

  • may goya

    may goya

     14 days ago

    Do you eat rice or sides?

  • Lou Sensei

    Lou Sensei

     14 days ago

    90mins deadline isn't worth it imo

  • zip zipperton

    zip zipperton

     a months ago

    I feel like he's giving me the middle finger every time he presses down on the beef

  • Nathanael Halim

    Nathanael Halim

     a months ago

    Mouth watering

  • Joseph Farrell

    Joseph Farrell

     a months ago

    Reminds me of korean bbq

  • GSpotter63


     a months ago

    Beef tongue ...... Does it taste you back?

  • Elliot McManus

    Elliot McManus

     a months ago

    Hurry up! Eat! You only have 90 minutes! Rapitan!

  • Be Red

    Be Red

     2 months ago

    7:02 nice transition of background music by the way

  • Bruce Willaby

    Bruce Willaby

     2 months ago

    "Maybe this is what they use to lasso the cows!" I was dying!! 🤣🤣

  • shizuma himemiya

    shizuma himemiya

     2 months ago

    Jealous is an extreme understatement 🤤

  • Marie gold Castelo

    Marie gold Castelo

     3 months ago

    Hi mike! Come and visit Argao cebu Philippines
    especially month of September since it's our town fiesta, you will love to try our famous la torta de Argao , tuba (coconut wine) and tablea made from fresh cacao seeds.

  • Eleanor Parker

    Eleanor Parker

     3 months ago

    Your "drink hot things" tip is most likely going to save my tummy

  • Zeov


     3 months ago


  • Michelle Zhang

    Michelle Zhang

     5 months ago

    “You gotta treat this beef well, and it’s gonna treat you well.” — Mikey Chen 2018

  • Jasmine Lopez

    Jasmine Lopez

     5 months ago

    Big fan Mikey watch you everyday.

  • Collin S

    Collin S

     5 months ago

    Just sat down and about to go hard on this Matuzaka!!! :)