Tokyo - Pancake Japanese Style, Garlic Fried Rice, Teppanyaki Ice Cream

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  • Published on:  Monday, September 16, 2019
  • Cozy teppanyaki place in Ginza (Tokyo): Japanese style pancake with vegetables, beef and special seafood, Asahi Super Dry (beer) and as dessert Teppan Ice cream -
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  • sisyphus-wins


     21 days ago +17

    I cam see this being a place Murakami would have a character go to for late night Okonomiyaki... He'd spend 3 paragraphs on the girl with the plastic wrap

  • MicroByter


     yesterday the woman putting up bottles looks like she is about to drop them.

  • Squibby Garlic Jr.

    Squibby Garlic Jr.


    I just came for the fried garlic XD

  • John Adams

    John Adams

     4 days ago

    This cook enjoys cooking 😁

  • Jacob Perez

    Jacob Perez

     7 days ago

    Where in Ginza is this? Name of establishment?

  • Николай Иванов

    Николай Иванов

     7 days ago

    Пролайкните, пусть эти англоязычные подумают что написал какую то, не вьебенную хуйню...

  • nhcq


     7 days ago +1

    This guy has some mad skills when you watch the vid in 2x :-D

  • kijnek


     14 days ago

    6:03 “Is all that crap necessary?” Police Academy

  • Terry JP

    Terry JP

     14 days ago

    1500 yen 13 dollar

  • Terry JP

    Terry JP

     14 days ago

    1500 yen 13 dollar

  • Terry JP

    Terry JP

     14 days ago

    those bean sprouts have eyes

  • Jacqueline San Nicolas

    Jacqueline San Nicolas

     14 days ago

    So satisfying to watch

  • Filipe Fadiga

    Filipe Fadiga

     14 days ago

    18:57 obrigado? Tuga estás do outro lado do mundo. Continua a mandar coisas destas. Sem saber j vejo vídeos teus há mais de um ano. Abraço.

  • Frank Joseph

    Frank Joseph

     14 days ago

    Any Tokoyo squid pro quo ?

  • MrEvgen2


     14 days ago

    я терь жрать хочу...

  • mr. Éshwãr

    mr. Éshwãr

     14 days ago

    Wasting so much time for 1time meal

  • 청미르좌대


     14 days ago +1

    맛있겠다.....ㅠㅠ난 참치통조림이나 먹어야겟넹ㅋ

  • zaldy gallardo, jr.

    zaldy gallardo, jr.

     21 days ago

    Okay, Sanji-kun from 'One Piece', what's got unto you now with that, huh?

  • Armando Sanchez

    Armando Sanchez

     21 days ago +6

    Would be cool if Aden Films would rate the dishes at the end. Since he’s been to so many a grading metric would be cool to see.

  • manduheavy vazquez

    manduheavy vazquez

     21 days ago +1