Everything Wrong With The Mummy (1999)

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, June 6, 2017
  • With the new Tom Cruise Mummy movie hitting theaters, we figured it was finally time to go back to the Brendan Fraser Mummy movies and look for sins. So that's what we did! And there were A LOT!

    May is Mental Health Month, and even though it's June now, it's still a subject that means a lot to us here at CinemaSins. Yes, it's June now technically, but we are still honoring Mental Health Month for a bit longer.

    In fact, we’re partnering with Mental Health America (MHA) to not only to raise awareness of mental health issues – but also to raise a little money, too. We’ve got a brand-new Cinema Sins t-shirt in the shop, and all of the profits from the sale of the shirt will be donated to our friends at MHA.

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    Thursday: A movie not nearly as much fun as this one.

    Remember, no movie is without sin! Which movie's sins should we expose next?!

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  • Source: https://youtu.be/GK5ott5ery8


  • josh gallagher

    josh gallagher

     4 hours ago

    Man I can't believe someone is so fucking stupid that they think being able to break down a movie makes it a sin? like congratulations. you understand why scenes are implemented.. any fucking 7 year old can put that together. how does this channel have so many brain dead subscribers. bait. that's how

  • aitai sakura

    aitai sakura

     7 hours ago

    It is my childhood movie. I love it even thou its so fake

  • Nathalie Allard

    Nathalie Allard

     20 hours ago

    Just because the movie has sins, it doesn't mean you can't love the movie.

  • SuperDarthLink



    Sin the Scorpion King

  • star wars clips 6382

    star wars clips 6382

     2 days ago

    haha man you really are fucking stupid 😂

  • Valeri. IXA

    Valeri. IXA

     2 days ago

    I've at least watched this 20 times. Favorite movie as a kid, can't change my mind, it's still a great movie.

  • Yoru Soka

    Yoru Soka

     3 days ago

    Oh fuck just 3mn in I cant take it anymore X) but guys Imhotep and ancksunamun come from the mummy (1932), its a direct parallel, come on know your classics

  • crimsinbutterfly


     3 days ago

    @6:30 "blue gold doesn't exist". No, but the ancient Egyptians used tin chloride to make gold Ruby or purple or even blue gold.
    Science, bitches

  • sadas


     7 days ago

    "the Legion is unique in that it is open to foreign recruits willing to serve in the French Armed Forces" - from wikipedia

    CinemasSinsSins. Ding.

  • Toto Marquez

    Toto Marquez

     7 days ago

    This movie is still awesome, even with it's 131 sins !!! 👍

  • I don’t know What I’m doing

    I don’t know What I’m doing

     7 days ago +1

    Honestly when watching this movie I thought they should have all just got cats and I was 6

  • Ingrid Dubbel

    Ingrid Dubbel

     7 days ago

    Americans are not a race thereby despairing them isn't racist.

  • Hiranmoy Ghosh

    Hiranmoy Ghosh

     7 days ago

    13:27 there is a counter argument that the book of amun ra or whatever that send imhotep back to undead state is stored in a hidden place as if anyone could have found that book and destroy without knowing what it is... easily

  • Hiranmoy Ghosh

    Hiranmoy Ghosh

     7 days ago

    10:18 that f*ck you dude was also lip synced by Rachel weisz.. wonder if anyone noticed that.. lol great sense of humour

  • Hiranmoy Ghosh

    Hiranmoy Ghosh

     7 days ago

    9:54 you got some great sense of humour

  • Ernie Velveeta

    Ernie Velveeta

     7 days ago

    15:53 - "... they were forced to eat Robin's minstrels..."

    ...and there was much rejoicing.

  • robrobusa


     14 days ago

    French Foreign Legion doesn't have french soldiers in it. It is the FOREIGN Legion, after all. Don't wanna send in French Troops? send in the Foreign Legion.

  • Ghastly Dragon 10

    Ghastly Dragon 10

     14 days ago +1

    Brendan was hot and Rachel is still gorgeous

  • Chay Warburton

    Chay Warburton

     14 days ago

    I would have pronounced it Crevasse and not Crevasse.

    Americans :/

    And if you totally read it like i said it, gimi a like!

  • SubjectRandom


     14 days ago

    Saying "Americans", is not racist! The movie itself is of very very high quality UNLIKE today's crap.