Is it really easier to kick less?

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  • Published on:  Thursday, October 14, 2021
  • Swimming with a single kick per stroke at a fast speed takes a lot of training, strength and coordination. This video takes you straight to what you need to do to avoid wasting leg energy.

    If you can't control what your legs are doing, you won't be able to breathe properly. If you can't breathe properly you won't be able to correct your swimming technique. Without good swimming technique, you will not only us the energy from your legs, but from your entire body.

    Follow this video series in order:
    1- Swim with LESS Effort:
    2- Is it really easier to kick less?:
    3- The Most Important Body Part In Swimming:

    00:00 - Is it really easier to kick less?
    00:44 - Make your body longer
    01:28 - Three forces that lift your legs
    02:35 - Flexion of the knees and hips
    03:44 - Exercises to improve the kick
    07:36 - How much should your kick in freestyle swimming?

    The position of the legs while swimming is simple to understand but difficult to apply in the water. The goal is to lengthen the body as much as possible. According to fluid mechanics, longer bodies have less resistance in water. One way to visualize the correct position is to imagine that you are in quicksand. If you cover little area you sink. But if you lie down you have more area on the ground and you have a better chance of survival. If you bend the hips and knees the area is reduced and you sink.
    Swimming freestyle faster is an art and a science!

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    Swim fast!
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