Tokyo Ekiben Shinkansen Unboxing (to Kyoto)

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, October 3, 2018
  • Ekiben Unboxing on the way to Kyoto!
    What did I get?
    ▶︎ Kurowagyu and Chicken Nanban ekiben ¥1280 ($12)

    If you don’t have a reservation, it’s better to get in at Tokyo Station. Most people getting on at Shinagawa are business men with seat reservations. So if you have a JR RAIL PASS, always get on in Tokyo Station if you can.
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  • Dommy Tablet

    Dommy Tablet

     2 months ago

    Saya suka your channel
    Then saya jadi understand japan from you

    Salam saya dari Indonesia

  • bidictus


     7 months ago


  • bidictus


     7 months ago


  • Tee Smith

    Tee Smith

     10 months ago

    thanks for streaming helps give a better view of what Japan is like:-) after awhile all top 10 100 things to do videos look the same regardless country thumbs up

  • 猫娘


     10 months ago +1


  • #GAMINGONLY COMPANY - Pro Gadgets !

    #GAMINGONLY COMPANY - Pro Gadgets !

     11 months ago

    How much Ekiben cost usually at Train stations in Japan

  • #GAMINGONLY COMPANY - Pro Gadgets !

    #GAMINGONLY COMPANY - Pro Gadgets !

     11 months ago

    Thank you for this live

  • Vena Tansiri

    Vena Tansiri

     11 months ago

    Hi I already went to Japan last month I took the Shinkansen train from Tokyo to Osaka it was my first time there I also went to the Dotombori too it was fun



     11 months ago

    Interesting that the Shinkansen opted to go with a British accent for the English translation.

  • clsumjr ross

    clsumjr ross

     11 months ago

    wish i was there

  • Thefourhundredblows


     11 months ago

    Why does he always pretend to understand all Japanese writings?

  • Xcaliber Trekker

    Xcaliber Trekker

     11 months ago

    Are you going to film a vid for the main channel John?

  • pieburger


     11 months ago

    the shinkansen's head looks like unagi :)

  • Purple Box

    Purple Box

     11 months ago

    I was feeling awkward the whole video because I felt you were disrespecting the other passengers by climbing on board livestreaming. And what a big to-do over an ekiben!

  • John Pine

    John Pine

     11 months ago +1

    Too short JD!

  • Avocado Pirate

    Avocado Pirate

     11 months ago

    Hope it tasted good since it didn't look too appetizing.

  • Spun


     11 months ago

    I only found out recently that the English Shinkansen voiceover lady is the same person that voices the iDroid in Metal Gear Solid 5.
    I can't believe I didn't pick that sooner.

  • Frederick König

    Frederick König

     11 months ago

    Congratulations on passing 100k subs!!
    Thank you, John, for sharing your very interesting videos with us!!!

  • Jovi Ng

    Jovi Ng

     11 months ago

    How Long does it take for the Shinkansen to reach Kyoto from Tokyo?
    Is it a direct Shinkansen from Tokyo to Kyoto? Because my friends wanna go Kyoto from Tokyo
    How much is the ticket?

  • Winner Singh

    Winner Singh

     11 months ago +2

    Love Japanese train food, brother I also started a YouTube channel can you give the review of my videos.