Everything Wrong With Justice League In 24 Minutes Or Less

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, December 18, 2018
  • Yikes.
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  • Source: https://youtu.be/Hw4kbo2K6lw


  • Dylan Tan

    Dylan Tan

     2 days ago

    I cant stand when people try to sound as they are very clever and hav unique opinion by saying justice league is a better move than every MCU movie especially Avenger. Come on this avenger wannabe rushed-out bull crap is nothing near the level of any decent movie... the stake and problem are all easily solve and it do not hav any balance between the heroes' abilities. Hell black widow is wayyyyy useful then batman in avenger, and the justice league is just superman and his sidekicks (pretty sure the comic find a better way to balance them). And hell, before superman is in the picture, they needed a universe union to take down stepphen wolf, the just a very strong person, but superman toyed him like how I fight my 4yo cousin.

  • Nick white

    Nick white

     2 days ago

    You need more than 24 minutes there is so much wrong with this movie 94% was reshot because Joss Whedon wanted to put his own story in to the movie and was told to lighten it up fact is DC comics are darker and more brutal than marvel comics this is fact Zack Shader universe was perfect for the level of darkness biggest problem I have with this movie is it should not of been released until they built a universe but WB rush it out cus they were scared of MCU but Warner brothers dont care about people or giving fans what they want it all about money everyone know wb fuck up DC comics

  • Eddie Romero

    Eddie Romero

     2 days ago

    This movie wasn't that bad, i mean if take out the beginning, the middle and the end of the movie is not that bad. LOL

  • Zack Johnson

    Zack Johnson

     2 days ago

    The injustice 2 cinematics were actually interesting in comparison to this

  • Zack Johnson

    Zack Johnson

     2 days ago

    This villain was such a bad decision

  • TheLostGamingHQ _

    TheLostGamingHQ _

     3 days ago

    How could you hate jeremy? That voice is awesome!...He plays a good Alfred and ozymadias

  • Caleb coghill 2

    Caleb coghill 2

     3 days ago

    this video is giving a movie that already has an undeserving bad review

  • Franco Barrera

    Franco Barrera

     4 days ago

    Aquaman's speech while sitting on the lasso deserves sins off. Multiple sins off.

  • The Mad Titan

    The Mad Titan

     4 days ago

    The “slowed perception of surroundings” thing doesn’t just occur with Flash. Literally everyone with superhumanly enhanced reflexes has it, including Wonder Woman. You don’t need to be able to move 200 miles in 2 seconds to have that ability.

  • raptorms773


     4 days ago

    At 9:34 I didn't know 300 and the Spartans where part of DCU

  • MediaSock


     4 days ago

    I just noticed that it says MAGA HORDE on the asshole's hoodie 2:25, very sneaky.

  • Joseph wilson

    Joseph wilson

     5 days ago


  • Joseph wilson

    Joseph wilson

     5 days ago

    the biggest problem with critics and people that critic a lot of times is a die hard fan and cannot except the fact shit changes. and the fact is who wants too see old shit no change oh no don't change the rules. same shit with dnd or adnd oh no you cannot change the rules who says I say as long it plays by the universe rules who says lol. but justice league was a good movie I thinking of becoming the critic of the critic. not disagree with the critic just feel the over hype its bad what did mommy and daddy not like you lol joking . great critic of good films making them look bad.

  • The Sprawl

    The Sprawl

     6 days ago

    0:20 - "Can we ask you some questions..." ...Like, what's going on with your chin? We're just kids and it's scaring us.

  • Quentin Mays

    Quentin Mays

     6 days ago

    Batman in the afternoon....-3

  • Matthew B. Jones

    Matthew B. Jones

     6 days ago

    Please do some Quentin Taratino movies!! Any one of them.

  • Doc Lewis

    Doc Lewis

     6 days ago

    Well...technically, sand is glass and glass is sand so is it really littering? If he was throwing plastic into the ocean that'd be different but he tossed glass. It's still littering...no argument there...but it's not going to poison the ocean like plastic.

  • The Michael

    The Michael

     7 days ago

    If Bruce Wayne walks in on a horse, does the horse have a name?

  • Mr. Sneazy

    Mr. Sneazy

     7 days ago +1

    I never got when somebody is complaining about this movie its never brought up the dumb amazon fault logic, i mean they have a couple of doors to protect the treasure in the vault yet they put in a skylight in the middle of the damn vault. Whats the use of the freaking heavy doors if you put a glass skylight in your damn vault? A person whit a glasscutter can steal the treasure inside while side stepping all the freaking doors.

  • Myss R

    Myss R

     7 days ago

    I'm pretty sure they address that Diana is half god. And.... Duh if she's a demi god all her sins should be removed.