Kehlani - Nights Like This (feat. Ty Dolla $ign) [Official Music Video]



  • Just Random

    Just Random

     16 minutes ago

    i wish i had a robot ike this

  • Hasan Ruliandika

    Hasan Ruliandika

     an hour ago +1

    That is how reptilian work !!!
    Illuminati confirmed !!!!



     2 hours ago

    Bruh go watch the movie future world where a girl is a robot

  • Demar Beckford

    Demar Beckford

     4 hours ago

    Man from the first time I heard this song its on repeat

  • Dovonte Edwards

    Dovonte Edwards

     4 hours ago

    A whole movie under five minutes 🙌🏽

  • kittyboo2121


     5 hours ago

    Most interesting video I've seen in a long time!

  • Trina Mae

    Trina Mae

     6 hours ago

    Very good song

  • Dave TV

    Dave TV

     6 hours ago

    On some nights like this, i just wanna text you, but for what ??!! 😢😭💔🤔🌑

  • Lanaia Jasmine

    Lanaia Jasmine

     6 hours ago +1

    so mad this only has 3 mil views and bhad bhabie's new shit has 10 mil. people have no idea what real music is smfh

  • Renegade Rants

    Renegade Rants

     7 hours ago

    Why does Kehlani remind me of Mia Khalifa

  • Clarence Goldthreate

    Clarence Goldthreate

     7 hours ago


  • Eykon FLACO Lopez SL

    Eykon FLACO Lopez SL

     7 hours ago

  • KaySilverWolf


     7 hours ago +1

    Aint she pregnant?? She pregnant yet she STILL getting her heart stabbed....why does that symbolize my *ENTIRE EXISTENCE* 🤣

  • Selena Young

    Selena Young

     7 hours ago

    Hell yahhhh

  • onigiriluvz


     7 hours ago

    This song is basically someone coming to you’re life broken and you bring them back to life like kehlani brought the robot love and life but once the robot got fully healed she betrayed kehlani and went with a dude ty and ruined him aswell and that’s basically a love triangle but kehlani is bi the robot switched up bieng into girls to be with a guy ty which was kehlani friend and the friend was into kehlani but she didn’t like him like that so when the robot went with ty she betrayed kehlani by being with the robot which was kehlani gf but it wasn’t enough for her the robot and she left both broken hearted and the robot didn’t care who she hurt

  • Jessica Cortez

    Jessica Cortez

     8 hours ago

    First of all y’all are dumb as hell
    The ‘robot’ symbolizes the devil
    Manipulating his way in, (doing what it has to to get her reeled in)
    She falls for it and when the ‘robot’ sees that kehlani has a soul and ‘she’ doesn’t
    She takes her soul
    She ultimately uses mind transfer (look it up)
    And transfers it all back to kehlani.
    MEANING Kehlani is now an “enlightened” one, she sold her soul.
    If you can’t see it your oblivious and in denial. Trust it’s sucks I know I got sad already I’ve been a fan of her since she auditioned for America’s got talent wayyyy before she was the wave. But she gon be at the top now
    She sold her soul for it

  • Jojo brown

    Jojo brown

     9 hours ago

    Love this song ~ Can relate to this 😓

  • Thandie Gomonda

    Thandie Gomonda

     9 hours ago

    I’ve listened to this song far way too much in one day🥵



     10 hours ago +1

    When I hear this it makes me think about the mental and physical abuse I went through. The pain in her voice connects me those emotions. This song is a beautiful testimony. It makes me feel stronger and be open to love again🎈💛