Everything Wrong With The Emperor's New Groove

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  • Published on:  Thursday, August 15, 2019
  • Everyone I ask seems to remember loving this movie. And that's cool. But when I watched it, I saw a whole bunch of exceptionally weird nonsense. And sins like crazy. So... you know how we do.

    Next week: Recent-ish action sins and recent-ish action sins. Wait, what?

    Remember, no movie is without sin! Which movie's sins should we expose next?!

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  • Source: https://youtu.be/JHeh7ezBmYY


  • Xurreal


     2 hours ago

    Shoulder Morality Sin.

    Devil Krunk can do a handstand. This is important as no other Krunk in that scene is capable of doing a handstand the same way that Devil Krunk can because the other 2 Krunks are wearing their respective Robes/Dress-INGs and they literally, figuratively, metaphorically, and any otherwise conducive '-ally's' can't do a handstand, meaning that Devil Krunk has life experience gained whilst upside-down. So he knows more (not necessarily better) about life, and all other Krunks should look up to Devil Krunk.

  • xanthe vink

    xanthe vink

     19 hours ago

    5:13 nothing wrong with the mcu that are master pieces. I still really love your account tho

  • FTjack AoE7AoT

    FTjack AoE7AoT

     2 days ago

    But how can you miss the “sorry I’ve just turned into a cow, may I be excused?” Joke? Also this movie was way ahead of its time and is a masterpiece.

  • Monco Carser

    Monco Carser

     2 days ago

    Wrong? That movie is perfect. You are not an art critic by complaining!

  • tnhl77


     2 days ago

    tbf I think killing the emporor made this beyond a federal crime

  • At Home Science

    At Home Science

     3 days ago

    He needs to sin chicken run.
    And or wallace & groment

  • Woody Wp

    Woody Wp

     3 days ago

    First of all - how dare you! Emperor's New Groove is perfection!

  • Peter Cavallaro

    Peter Cavallaro

     3 days ago

    Every time Yzma was on screen you should’ve removed sins (!)

  • The awesone nintendo fan

    The awesone nintendo fan

     3 days ago

    "its blank"

  • Giorgio Dentesano

    Giorgio Dentesano

     3 days ago

    First dilike ever!
    How dare you?

  • Ninica04


     3 days ago

    They can rmove a sin in The Empero's New Groove but not of Lilo ans Stich!?

  • Miriam Wilson

    Miriam Wilson

     4 days ago +1

    Thank god I’m not the only one who hates this movie.



     4 days ago

    The only thing wrong is that this video exist

  • TheHerochao


     4 days ago

    everything wrong with the emperor's new groove: nothing

  • Joy Boy2011

    Joy Boy2011

     4 days ago

    Yo fuck cinema sins, thanks for coming to my TED talk

  • Melissaaa Kohler

    Melissaaa Kohler

     4 days ago

    First of all: How dare you

  • Glimare


     4 days ago

    Adult comedy channel sinning a children's pure comedy for comedy's sake movie. Honestly, we need more of these movies and less of the sinning.

  • Alex Dusfraine

    Alex Dusfraine

     4 days ago

    >Sin video of Emperor's New Groove
    +5 sins

  • Windy


     4 days ago

    how dare u

  • Kamar Mighty

    Kamar Mighty

     5 days ago

    This movie was awesome. Lol.