Man of Medan Full Game Movie [4K Ultra HD 60FPS]

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  • Published on:  Sunday, February 20, 2022
  • Man of Medan focuses on four college students and the captain of the boat Duke of Milan who embark on a diving trip in pursuit of the remains of a WWII-era plane. After a hostile encounter with a group of pirates, the five protagonists are forced by said pirates to sail the seas and search for something called the "Manchurian Gold", subsequently coming across what seems to be a ghost ship where they encounter visions of phantom creatures. #movie#gamemovies#manofmedan

    If you are unfamiliar about my work I do my best to translate the story of video games into a movie experience that anybody can enjoy, whether they have played the game or not. To achieve this I cut down gameplays to the minimum you need to understand the story without causing any plot holes, and I remove as many game indicators on screen. In order to remove those gameplay indicators, I used a combination of editing, cropping, and visual effects. Besides that, this time I had recorded my gameplays for almost (600 GB), because this game has six different ending, I have played all of these endings and picked up the best which will be suitable for editing a movie. I hope you all enjoy this movie.

    And about my next project two more games have released in this series (Houses of Ashes & Little Hope) my next movie will be on one of these games.

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