Fried Pork Cutlet(Tonkatsu) & Must Try RAMEN in Tokyo Japan

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  • Published on:  Saturday, June 16, 2018
  • Yes, I'm finally in Japan!
    My first meal in Japan was at a tonkatsu pork restaurant, and I could see why it was highly rated. The pork was perfectly crispy and so juicy. I really loved the pork over rice, and you can't go wrong with the tonkatsu sandwich.

    After 3 pork dishes, I was in the mood for some ramen. I ordered 2 bowls: Yuzuratan ramen and Yuzu Tsuyu Tsukemen (dip ramen). I really loved how in the spicy ramen, the noodles just soaked up all the broth.

    Finally, since I was in Harajuku, I had to end the night with some dessert. Harajuku is known for crepes, so I went to a location that had an assortment of choices. I got the blueberry cheesecake crepe. Yeah... maybe a bit heavy after the 2 dinners I finished. Anyhow, it was amazingly crispy, and the tartness of the blueberries in combination with the soft cheesecake made it the perfect combination!

    Maisen || Tonkatsu

    Afuri || Ramen

    Crepes from Harajuku

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  • WayliNotNice


     2 days ago

    always amazed by how much the dude can eat

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    2.12 yeet

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    Gowzie habibi

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    I have always watch your Vlogs and never subscribe to your chanel but when you mention F R I E N D S actor/actress, It make me subscribe to your channel 😂😂

  • リバル


     21 days ago

    I respect to the chefs there who work at midnight hour only to satisfy our empty stomach, i really appreciate it, thank you

  • vietsomnia


     21 days ago

    Warning: Do not watch this late at night or mouth will salivate. You have been warned.

  • Thomas Elliot

    Thomas Elliot

     21 days ago

    I love cabbage

  • Renalie Unabia

    Renalie Unabia

     21 days ago

    I don't regret watching your videos for hours every day! I am trying to eat different variety of food and appreciate them. More power to you Mike (and your stomach) 😂😍

  • jose de jesus delgadillo ramirez

    jose de jesus delgadillo ramirez

     a months ago

    So Ramen is like tacos, 3 am tacos are great.

  • Yuki dick

    Yuki dick

     a months ago

    How the fk can u put soo much food into u

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    I don't see no juice I see oil

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    This dude is funny af

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    Tsuk-A-men 😝 Gotta love Mike!

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    What kind of vinegar do you use on your noodlesetc.

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    Asahi Biswas

     2 months ago

    U r also a YouTube celebrity. Having 2.4M sub is not a small deal .

  • Asahi Biswas

    Asahi Biswas

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    He get orgasam every time pork touches his mouth

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    Okay. Is that a stomach or a black hole!! 😲

  • Bianca Eubanks

    Bianca Eubanks

     2 months ago +1

    Always makes me hungry watching him

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    varun kumar

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    I just had dinner minutes ago but watching his videos kinda turns my stomach to super saiyan...bcoz I m crazy hungry NOW