BEST Biryani! & Food Tour of Kolkata India: Kathi Rolls!

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  • Published on:  Thursday, April 19, 2018
  • Kathi Rolls, Biryani, and Ragulla sweets are some dishes that Kolkata is known for. In India, biryani is prepared in different ways according to region and Kolkata is no exception. The Kolkata biryani is known for its egg and potato in the dish, and I totally agree that it is a MUST. Bengali food is also prominent in this city, so in the final two locations, we tried the traditional and modern versions of the cuisine. Locations:2:30 Nizam's Rolls Nahoum and Sons (Cheese Samosa, garlic bread, fruit cake) Arsalan Restaurant (Biryani, mutton curry) Mithai (Rasgulla Sweet) Zeeshan rolls (Mutton Tikka Roll) Campari (Fish Roll) Bohemian (Modern Bengali Food) 6 Ballygunge Place (Traditional Bengali Food)➨Get tickets to the best show on earth!!! Dumpling T-Shirts HERE:►Subscribe for MORE videos about food!▲ Subscribe to our COOKING Channel!★↓FOLLOW ME ON SOCIAL MEDIA!↓★Facebook Show Page: Mike Fan Page: Dumpling Instagram: Instagram:◈ Equipment I use for filming◈ :Sony RX100 Mark V: LUMIX G85: Angle Lens: Mic: Lights: Audio Recorder: Favorite Cookware!wok/pan this pan pan pot✉Send stuff to our PO Box!Mike Chen PO Box 610 Middletown, NY 10940♩ ♫ The Ninja Troll Song ft. KYR SP33DYArtist: D1ofAquavibeSong: Jarico - Hawaii, Retrovi (Vlog No Copyright Music)Music promoted by Vlog No Copyright Music.Video Link: Sun by Del Commons — Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported — CC BY-SA 3.0 promoted by Audio Library
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  • Prabhakaran

     1 years ago

    As a tamilian I hadn't had a clue of the bengali cuisine until late 2016 when I got introduced to a bengali stoner... he introduced me to the bengali cuisine and my life has never been the same.. now bengali cuisine is my priority after a good session. Good work bengal, love from TN.

  • Victor Dashmohapatra

     4 days ago

    Stoners are great 😅

  • md ali

     1 years ago

    The dislikes are from nizam's employees...

  • Sonai Sonai

     1 months ago


  • TECH 3

     1 months ago

    @Suraj kp nizal is a famous shop who invented the khati roll

  • Secret agentjay

     1 years ago

    I wasn't even watching him eat the second kathi roll. I was just watch the girl's face in the background! HAHAHA

  • Solaxe S

     5 days ago

    @sonia aguilera yeah sure speaks spanish because we can surely understand you

  • SparkzMxzXZ

     1 years ago

    india india INDIAAAAAAAAsorry i just have a passion for indian cuisine lol

  • TECH 3

     1 months ago

    @SparkzMxzXZ come to bengal and eat some authentic bengali dishes not just what we eat regularly which is to much influenced and modernized

  • Bhai Bhai

     3 months ago

    Hop in to kolkata...its heaven of cuisine and fast food... Catch me on fb @ victor Benjamin Salvadore

  • joyjeet ghosh

     1 years ago

    Shout out to the bong lady who just mashed the stuff with her fingers! She is effortlessly bong! Beautiful and ethnic can she get? Not anymore! Adorable seriously adorable! Up the bongs! Up the bongs!

  • Jyotiraditya Satpathy

     1 months ago



     5 months ago

    @Cheddar Mind this is the reason I prefer to keep it original!!

  • cliryn raymond

     1 years ago

    1 like = 1 biryani

  • Swagnik Dutta

     1 years ago

    I am from West Bengal , India ... The fish u had at last is called "hilsa"... And the dish is called Ilish Paturi


     1 months ago

    @raj why should I stop ?

  • raj

     1 months ago

    @BADASS BOY huh stop

  • Amy Rivers

     1 years ago

    I believe that the best way to learn about a countries food culture is to eat with the locals. These ladies were so nice to take Mike around, not everyone would like to be filmed while eating. I find the food in India quite intriguing.

  • Avinash Boddu

     1 years ago

    The expressions of the girl in black whenever u take a bite🤣😂 She nailed it😂

  • Gopi Krishna

     3 months ago

    I can see where she comes from everyone looks at me and my friends like that when we eat outside......we stuff ourselves like no tomorrow

  • fruit bat 🍒🦇

     1 years ago

    hahahaha she looked so shocked LOL

  • Tanvee Choudhary

     11 months ago

    Why do people come to Kolkata and not have puchka, it is the best thing about Kolkata!

  • Ankush Thakur

     5 days ago

    Because better are available in other parts of India..just try it out at chowpati in Mumbai or Chandni Chowk Delhi

  • Smol Potato

     15 days ago

    Ikr! Pani puri and gol gappas can never compete with puchka even tho they are practically the same thing.