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  • Published on:  Thursday, March 26, 2020
  • How can we improve our education system? Could school be interesting? Why does Scandinavia do so well in education? Why aren't teachers given the status they deserve?

    This talk is dedicated to Alicia Montero for her many helpful observations.


    The article claiming 2500 captures for Michel Thomas can be found on this page:
    (scroll down to third section: Was Michel Thomas present at Dachau on the day of liberation - April 29, 1945?, second article: Emil Mahl Dachau. This article "Hangman of Dachau Tries to Blackmail War Hero", is from the Los Angeles Daily News 1950.)

    and for more of Michel Thomas' works:

    Ken Robinson TED talks:

    Socrates for Six-Year-Olds (REALLY bad recording of a very good program!!!):

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