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  • Simona Felice

    Simona Felice

     3 days ago

    The first dish looks like an omelette. It looks really healthy. Your Vietnamese isn't bad. Did you say brain? Does it make people more smart? Pork blood? Oh my goodness. It's not good to eat blood. The tapioca bowl looks good. I couldn't eat innards. The desert looks interesting. I would try it all. Wow. I guess Vietnam isn't as safe.💚

  • Dianshan Ee

    Dianshan Ee

     5 days ago

    Can you list down where you went?

  • steven mathew

    steven mathew

     7 days ago

    Sorry but sometimes when u said crab it sounded like "crap" to me. Like crap soup 🤣

  • hotneo7


     7 days ago

    It's interesting to see more entrepreneurship and capitalism in Vietnam than in America. In America it would take a lots of permits, insurance, red tape to get your business running. It has to meet food and safety standards, and you see confirmation of the death of the middle class with lots of stores closing and restaurants closing. But in Vietnam which has been taking the surplus of China's manufacturing, more people entering the middle class and there's a growing demand for eating out and more people are more capitalistic.

  • vu ton

    vu ton

     7 days ago

    yeah, we love coconut and beans....

  • Isabel Shanar

    Isabel Shanar

     7 days ago

    1:26 i though that was the last time I would ever see Mikey I swear he’s gonna get hit😭😭😭😰🤣

  • Andrew Matthais

    Andrew Matthais

     7 days ago

    Can anybody help, whats the name of the place?

  • Julie Shramm

    Julie Shramm

     14 days ago

    Genuinely kind and great energy.

  • KMFDMWaste


     14 days ago

    damn, that is one horrible looking banh xeo

  • MyLifeAsRoxy R

    MyLifeAsRoxy R

     21 days ago

    The traffic though worst thing ive ever seen 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Ravi Saxena

    Ravi Saxena

     a months ago

    That girl 5:17 ❤️😼🙈🤤

  • Trizie Agar

    Trizie Agar

     a months ago +1

    Who else love when people try out your Country Traditional Food???

  • Ivy Hoang

    Ivy Hoang

     a months ago

    I love watching you explore different places and trying different foods-

  • Tami T

    Tami T

     a months ago

    The flour batter IS NOT made of eggs dear!

  • Thien Thu Nguyen

    Thien Thu Nguyen

     a months ago

    Xin chào tôi là người Việt Nam

  • Bich GamerHd

    Bich GamerHd

     a months ago +1

    Cambodia we are waiting for u 💗☺️

  • gary brook

    gary brook

     a months ago

    Where are the addresses in the description box? Thanks!

  • Paisleyanne


     a months ago

    0:49 literally me after 5mins of meal

  • Thanh Ha

    Thanh Ha

     a months ago

    No eggs in banh xeo.

  • Bằng GameMobi

    Bằng GameMobi

     a months ago +1

    You from VietNam ilove friend