Making of Aliens 1986 documentary (2003)

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, January 30, 2013
  • making of aliens 1986 documentary 2003
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  • Will Sk

    Will Sk

     2 days ago

    "Im on a express elevator going to hell, going down"

  • Vas


     2 days ago

    who came from the other upload cuzz it was out of sync

  • NavySharkz


     6 days ago

    Fuck what people say, if Alien was the "haunted house" movie then Aliens was the "zombies" movie. This WAS a horror movie!

  • M Hall

    M Hall

     7 days ago +5

    If they only would've have shown stuff like this in film school

  • Chicken Fingers

    Chicken Fingers

     7 days ago

    I put auto play on and woke up on this

  • Lasse Bauer

    Lasse Bauer

     7 days ago +4

    Gale Ann Hurd: human tissue over metal endo-skeleton

  • Сталкер


     7 days ago +1

    2019 год, фильм Aliens до сих пор культовый фильм, качественнее работа проделана без компьютерного графона. Сейчас же делают с графоном, но без мастерства подачи

  • soaked23


     7 days ago

    is this the doc on that comes in the alien athology blu ray box set?

  • Rallye Cars

    Rallye Cars

     7 days ago

    Only T2, Road Warrior, and Aliens are sequels that are better then the original.

  • mano gg

    mano gg

     7 days ago

    le meilleurs de tt les Aliens!

  • Whicker Friesian

    Whicker Friesian

     7 days ago +2

    I saw 'Aliens' in the movie theaters, when I was still in Active Duty in the Marines.
    I had zero doubt they'd done their homework, and done it EXCELLENTLY, portraying a sci-fi military. From vehicles to personalities, they utterly nailed it.
    I feel the same way about 'Avatar', and hold those two movies very close to my heart/soul for believability.
    The fact that 'Aliens' is such a well-written sequel, with Sigourney and others Cast to perfection? Genius. Sheer, utter genius!
    Bravo, all! Bravo!!
    Regarding Weaver's antipathy towards firearms?
    I get it.
    If you only see firearms from the view of looking DOWN the barrel as one is pointed at you, threatening your life? Hell yes, that's a bad experience...
    For those of us who do appreciate the 2nd Amendment?
    We see wielding firearms from the other side: Pointing it at those threatening lives.

    I wish this simple fact was better represented across both sides of this issue.

    No firearm owner wants to see innocent people murdered at the whims of some maniac brandishing a firearm against "The People."

  • Leonardo Sosa

    Leonardo Sosa

     14 days ago

    idk mamas but you wa t to dance 🥺💙💙

  • I will find you And I will

    I will find you And I will

     14 days ago


  • zardox78


     21 days ago

    Right before the shit hit the fan in Alien, Lambert comes in and tells the crew how long it's gonna supposedly take to get home from where they are. I forget exactly how long it was, but it was most of a year, like 9 or 10 months. Earlier on, Dallas said they were about half way home. So this is a journey that takes 18 months (at the very least), one way. That's 3 years, round trip. So when Ripley said to her daughter she'd be home by her 11th birthday, she had to have been saying it to a daughter who was about to turn 8. That paints a different picture altogether, doesn't it? "Yeah, sure. I'll be home for your birthday. Your 11th birthday! Hahahaha! Burn!"

  • CLuv


     21 days ago +4

    "A day in the marine corp is like a day on the farm, every meal a banquet, every formation a parade I LOVE THE CORP"

  • Erwin Vlogs

    Erwin Vlogs

     21 days ago

    1:16:30 for creature design

  • Erwin Vlogs

    Erwin Vlogs

     21 days ago

    1:01:16 if you wanna see or hear about the weapons design and inspiration

  • thefreshwaterpirate


     21 days ago

    My primary conclusion of this documentary is that James Cameron is a dick

  • American Born Patriot.

    American Born Patriot.

     1 months ago

    Dan O'Bannon created the story not Ridley Scott, Jamie.

  • Chris Perrien

    Chris Perrien

     1 months ago

    Aliens? Good but cheesy, the Space Marines in it were incompetent idiots though.
    James Cameron knew crap about the military in this movie and nothing changed even into AVATAR.
    Quite apparent the military advisors he hired were BS artists and had no clue about such things for either film, which explains all the idiotic/dysfunctional non-military behavior of the soldiers/marines in both films. Special Forces? my ass LOL, AL Matthews? I got to wonder, because the film made the Marines to look as fools, did he say anything or just knew nothing?.There are no objections mentioned here.

    A "good" film but not nearly as realistic or great as the first. The behavior of the Marines detracts too much from it. I read the film as an insult to Vietnam Combat Vets and combat soldiers overall.