I Became A Transgender But Then I Met Her

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  • Published on:  Saturday, July 13, 2019
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  • Source: https://youtu.be/Ww9gpT25htE


  • don't, john just don't

    don't, john just don't

     7 days ago

    "a transgender?" is this some sort of joke or

  • Devilish


     7 days ago +1

    That feel when you become a transgender 😩🤙

  • Boubakar NIAKATE

    Boubakar NIAKATE

     7 days ago

    Hello Everyone, I am a big scientist and I’ve made a lot of study about genders through my whole career.

    This is very simple :

    If you have a penis and you are a boy

    If you have a vagina you’re a girl

    No need to thank me.

    Have a nice day

  • aidenoodle


     7 days ago +1

    Why did they hire a girl actor for a trans boy? Just wondering.

  • Ashli Hess

    Ashli Hess

     7 days ago

    Who else never subscribed to this channel, but keeps watching videos😅

  • Nick Miller

    Nick Miller

     14 days ago

    Video: On my 18nth birthday I started hormones
    Me: that’s not how it works

  • Leroy Jenkins

    Leroy Jenkins

     14 days ago

    You weren't "assigned" a gender! If you have a penis, you're a male. If you have a vagina, you're a female. This just shows how toxic and moronic modern day feminism is!

  • Alondra Alvarez

    Alondra Alvarez

     14 days ago

    A beautiful story.

  • Jennifer Tingelöf Olsson

    Jennifer Tingelöf Olsson

     14 days ago

    This is so precious ♥

  • Mølly F

    Mølly F

     14 days ago

    Why didn't they give him a masculine voice

  • The Not Sure Channel

    The Not Sure Channel

     21 days ago

    So... "Ben" was born *without a "man part"* down below, and what's more... at puberty "Ben" NATURALLY developed breasts. That sounds like a BIOLOGICAL female to me. I LOVE to hate how if people call themselves, say... a "whistling tea pot" (and really do believe it) or something equally outlandish, *when they obviously aren't,* they're considered clinically *mentally/psychologically* ill. EVEN IF all other mental and psychological faculties are in order.
    if people by all *biological and empirical data* are actually either male or female, and claim the to be the opposite, (and really do believe it) when they *obviously aren't,* EVEN IF all other mental and psychological faculties are in order... it's perfectly fine.

    Can anyone say "Societal double standard?"

    I mean come on! I'm sorry, but... Political correctness be DAMNED!
    An *XX chromosome* person with *breasts* and an *absolute absence* of a working "man part" identifying herself as a man.. JUST as
    An *XY chromosome* person with *NO breasts, facial hair,* and an *absolute absence* of a *vagina and uterus* identifying himself as a woman
    sounds just as ridiculous any human being identifying themselves as a parsnip or a cat or anything else!

    Despite any other part of a person's mental or psychological status being quite functional in society, *if you truly believe you are something you're not, there is something wrong with you, and you need help.*

  • Silent Princess

    Silent Princess

     21 days ago

    “your too young to know what you want”
    I’ve heard that sentence so many times it makes me so mad!

  • Kenneth Glenn

    Kenneth Glenn

     21 days ago

    Ben better have Mel's baby!!

  • Strawberry Skies

    Strawberry Skies

     21 days ago

    Dude sorry but I have a problem... DRESSES DON’T MAKE YOU A GIRL OR BOY. CROSS DRESSERS EXIST!

  • Artistry snowleopard Oreo

    Artistry snowleopard Oreo

     21 days ago +1


  • Nobody thinks What I Think

    Nobody thinks What I Think

     21 days ago

    Wtf is this title though ???

  • Richard Villarreal

    Richard Villarreal

     21 days ago


  • annoyingtroll1


     21 days ago

    "a transgender" lmao.

  • Ramen Boba tea

    Ramen Boba tea

     21 days ago

    When these animated stories are about trans people they are really transphobic

    -Using female voice for trans

    -making really transphobic pictures
    Like a lot of them have those pics incredibly transphobic

  • •Lorielle•


     28 days ago

    I want part 2