I Became A Transgender But Then I Met Her

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  • Published on:  Saturday, July 13, 2019
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  • Source: https://youtu.be/Ww9gpT25htE


  • lollie queen

    lollie queen

     1 months ago +9519

    Who else saw the title and thought a boy became transgender but fall in love with a girl?

  • 100 emoji

    100 emoji

     1 months ago +1708

    "a transgender"
    you're saying it like they're some kind of species

  • my house is on fire

    my house is on fire

     14 days ago +336

    Bruh this man is deadass on hormones and yall still used a female voice actor for him? Like, yall know by 3 months his voice is already gonna be dropping

  • Minty


     28 days ago +720

    "i hate being a girl"
    "Oh okay, just give us a moment, well get a girl to voice u"

  • Avery Hermann

    Avery Hermann

     1 months ago +769

    “They called me Ben, like it was no big deal!”
    Because it isn’t

  • Ella Salvado

    Ella Salvado

     1 months ago +4948

    The boy’s name is Ben
    The girl’s name is Mal
    Descendants has entered the chat 😂

  • Erika Yay

    Erika Yay

     1 months ago +142

    transgender video of a girl transitioning into a man
    LeTs mAkE tHe vOiCe AcToR a WoMaN

  • Bald headed Baddies

    Bald headed Baddies

     1 months ago +235

    Him: Gets Mad
    Also him: Turns Black

  • Alison Cossette

    Alison Cossette

     1 months ago +535

    Who else noticed that Ben’s shoes changed from blue to green ?

  • Dan Jo Wolfe

    Dan Jo Wolfe

     1 months ago +120

    I love being referred to as "A TRANSGENDER"

  • sum person

    sum person

     1 months ago +3131

    Lmao why tf did they use a female voice actor for a trans man like that's kinda cringe bro 😳😔

  • Lily McCurdy

    Lily McCurdy

     21 days ago +70

    "The breast I was developing, the curves I was developing" I'm so jealous

  • Max P.

    Max P.

     1 months ago +65

    you know trans guys do this thing called wearing binders, right?

  • toast goddess - random stuff

    toast goddess - random stuff

     21 days ago +26

    "I became a transgender" SOOOOO much wrong with this title

  • kimi Tenrio

    kimi Tenrio

     1 months ago +60

    they should've use a male voice i found it cringe with the female one 😩

  • GamingWithAmanda B

    GamingWithAmanda B

     1 months ago +2002

    “Became a transgender”
    You mean you WERE trans the whole time? –.–

  • Mochii


     1 months ago +151

    As a transgender person, may I ask if you can please rename the video something more respectful? “I became a transgender and then met her” is ,, very rude sounding I suppose, I know its not your intention!!

  • x Trashy x

    x Trashy x

     1 months ago +109

    Teacher: YoUrE tO yOuNg To KnOw WhAt YoU wAnT
    Me: If I were her I would of-

  • RubyDaLynx


     1 months ago +37

    I don't know what you guys may think, but that thumbnail does NOT look pretty!XD

  • Mary's World

    Mary's World

     1 months ago +34

    Reading the title just made me confused asf
    Edit : Reads Title Again