All You Can Eat A5 WAGYU BEEF in Tokyo Japan!

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  • Published on:  Thursday, June 28, 2018
  • The first time I went to Japan, I got to experience the A5 Kobe steak, and that flavor still sings with me. I knew that it probably wouldn't be possible to find a Kobe all you can eat restaurant in Tokyo, because, with me, they would be out of business in a day. However, I did find an A5 All you can eat Wagyu beef restaurant, can't beat that(:Locations:****MORE EXCLUSIVE Content on Instagram:****➨Get tickets to the best show on earth!!! Dumpling T-Shirts HERE:►Subscribe for MORE videos about food!▲ Subscribe to our COOKING Channel!★↓FOLLOW ME ON SOCIAL MEDIA!↓★Facebook Show Page: Mike Fan Page: Dumpling Instagram: Instagram:◈ Equipment I use for filming◈ :Sony RX100 Mark V: LUMIX G85: Angle Lens: Mic: Lights: Audio Recorder: Favorite Cookware!wok/pan this pan pan pot✉Send stuff to our PO Box!Mike Chen PO Box 610 Middletown, NY 10940♫ Music: Epidemic Sound (♩ Buddha by Kontekst Commons — Attribution 3.0 Unported— CC BY 3.0 provided by Audio Library♩ Song: Shelter - Porter Robinson & Madeon♩ Song: Markvard - Catch Our Moment (Vlog No Copyright Music)Music provided by Vlog No Copyright Music.Video Link:
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  • Justin Eats

     11 months ago

    I will definitely starve myself for this restaurant. I will leave transformed into a piece of beef.

  • Jorge Rubio

     9 days ago

    If you become the beef I’ll chase after you with a fork and knife, and some A1 of course

  • Skratta Oppar

     3 months ago

    Instead of saying thank you the staff there, you instead said thank moo

  • UKAS

     10 months ago

    He travels for foodHe eats foodHe rates the foodBut most importantly he makes love to food.

  • Witchcatgaming

     2 months ago

    Midoriya Izuku 199th like from me

  • Witchcatgaming

     2 months ago

    Hotel? Trivago

  • Ethan Kim

     11 months ago

    Mike could kill the entire cow population of Japan

  • Jonathan Taylor

     1 months ago

    He eats the whole cow whole

  • Jerelle Tubegaming

     2 months ago

    Cook a cow whole,he eats the whole cow

  • MakoRuu

     12 months ago

    I had some instant noodles for dinner watching this...

  • Dakota Wright

     21 days ago

    MakoRuu I’m eating goldfish y’all eatin good😂

  • Paul

     3 months ago

    probably the people that are ultra nationalists of the USA... where they don't accept that anything outside the US is better


     12 months ago


  • Kim Il-Sung

     1 months ago

    At least you still eat XD

  • Witchcatgaming

     2 months ago

    I was eating a popsicle

  • TOKYObrah

     11 months ago

    Cool video! I also live in Japan and make all the videos for Red Duck Post on Facebook.Protip: Whenever I go to all you can eat places like this, I avoid getting filler meats by literally saying in Japanese "I can't eat chicken or pork." They assume its for religious reasons even though I never go into detail.

  • tooekneee

     1 months ago

    i went to the first place in this video a few weeks ago. i assume if you told them you can't eat chicken or pork, they would just not include chicken/pork on your first platter. you are not really limited by how much you can eat at musashi.. but rather by the 60 min order limit, and the speed of their service. so just eat it all. come when they OPEN and preferably with a small group.. cook, and hit that service button right away to order more!

  • Witchcatgaming

     2 months ago

    Thx this gonna be good for next month when im going to japan

  • Odeya 13

     24 days ago

    Anyone thinking about Shokugeki no Soma? Wagyu beef.Naaah, just me.

  • Mark Haines

     8 months ago

    Is there no end to Mike's appetite? He's like the terminator - sent back in time to eliminate all oriental food.

  • William

     3 months ago

    Oriental food?

  • You are a bold one

     4 months ago

    Mark Haines “come with me if you want to eat.”

  • 100th 442nd

     12 months ago

    That was the cruelest video I have seen you make. My mouth was watering so badly! It takes a master to make video where your audience hates and thanks you at the same time. Nice job.

  • Bill Lopez

     2 months ago

    Don’t hate-appreciate 😊

  • denis

     7 months ago

    lol excellent comment.

  • Dave N

     9 months ago

    For Christmas last year we got a 10lb roast of A5 and were in heaven! Wish we could do that every year!