LEGENDARY PASTA & SANDWICHES! Food Tour of Florence Italy

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, September 19, 2018
  • My food adventure in Florence Italy continues as I spend the entire day just eating nonstop which is my type of fun :-) I really wanted to try out some iconic Florentine dishes and just as much pasta as I can get my hands on.

    For my first stop I went to the central market which is a great place to just hang out and eat, walk around then eat some more and hit the repeat button all day. Then I went looking for a local restaurant that is PACKED all the time and finally went pasta hunting. All in all, a pretty fun day!

    The places I ate at
    Da Nerbone
    Trattoria Mario
    Panini Toscani
    Trattoria Casalinga

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  • Dib Irken

    Dib Irken

     6 days ago

    That lady doing the Panini is so endearing.♥♥

  • Dib Irken

    Dib Irken

     6 days ago

    That lady doing the Panini is so endearing.♥♥

  • Roland Tuason

    Roland Tuason

     7 days ago

    Mikey, you made so hungry just watching this. I feel so starved watching you. Oh prosciutto and melon. I love it. That type of ham melts in your mouth.

  • RM Food Reviews

    RM Food Reviews

     7 days ago

    Beef stomach sandwich yuck

  • Cath Pagatpatan

    Cath Pagatpatan

     7 days ago

    Only you could eat 3 lunches :) and still be hungry after... Hahahaha! I like watching your videos, you make traveling deliciously wonderful

  • Sky Season

    Sky Season

     14 days ago

    Every time he eats, I get hungry 😋

  • Daria G

    Daria G

     14 days ago

    It’s all dopamine rush ....pleasure but not healthy! Be aware!

  • chantal Lenhardt

    chantal Lenhardt

     21 days ago

    He goes on for too long about the sandwiches repeating himself! I can see straight away that they are very nice!

  • Gabrielle Howee

    Gabrielle Howee

     21 days ago

    cut cut...go...mon ....what....thunder?

  • Charlotte Pedersen

    Charlotte Pedersen

     28 days ago

    I loved every item of food in this video, especially the pasta, but above everything else your travel videos show that there are good people everywhere. And that's a comforting thought :-)

  • billa camomilla

    billa camomilla

     a months ago

    Florence citizen here! Glad you enjoyed lampredotto, it's my favourite😋 I would KILL for a panino al lampredotto.
    When I don't have enough time to have lunch at home I always go and get one to the closest "lampredottaro" that I find (yeah, I think almost everyone in Florence calls the man who makes lampredotto "lampredottaro"😂)
    I remember that once, when I was younger, I was walking with my family in the center of the city and we found a random lampredotto stand at 4 P.M.
    What we did? We literally ate a panino al lampredotto at 4 P.M. . That was great.
    And also almost every saturday, until some months ago, my parents used to go to the market to buy fresh products while I was in school and they used to buy some lampredotto there for my lunch after school! Great times... now I'm on diet so I can't eat it very often😩
    And yeah, the lampredottaro in the Central Market is reaaaally good, but there are many more stands with AWESOME lampredotto. Near Piazza Beccaria, in Via Gioberti, there's the stand called "I'trippaio di Firenze" that makes a great lampredotto. Many of these stands called "I'trippaio di Firenze" are around the city and are so good😉.
    Okay, no jokes now, I'm craving it so bad at 1:28 AM. Gonna get one tomorrow then and screw up diet.
    And ribollita! Probably the best winter meal ever.
    It brings me back to my childhood, I used to eat it A LOT with my grandma. During winter it just warms your heart and makes you feel good, it's a comfortable meal and absolutely great to share with your family!

  • Redfoxx Vampette

    Redfoxx Vampette

     a months ago

    @ 10:42 "Across the line." It's like a subway, BUT the real deal!!!! 👌👍🤗🤤🤤🤤

  • Jenna Romanini

    Jenna Romanini

     a months ago

    I know I’m late to this party but Florence is my absolute favorite Italian city. I love seeing it through other people’s eyes...and stomachs

  • Dan


     a months ago

    Italy is just a flavor bomb of the senses!!! The food is next level even petrol stations have great pizza and sausages hanging off roofs.

  • Hyojin Rachel Lee

    Hyojin Rachel Lee

     a months ago

    You provide an excellent explanation of every dish you choose-brava!:)

  • Dave Larose

    Dave Larose

     a months ago

    What a fantastic lady giving up samples

  • Fate Nemesis

    Fate Nemesis

     a months ago

    The girl in the sandwich shop looks like the guy from transformers

  • Albe88ful


     a months ago

    I'm from Florence and I really appreciate the way you taste our food! You are a professional! Nothing to say, the very best ambassador of food all over the world! Amazing! Bell ON!

  • kc8767


     a months ago +1

    7:55 Sacha Baron Cohen stopped by for a bean soup.

  • tim scott

    tim scott

     a months ago +1

    He likes Everything he eats! Sometimes I just wanna see him be like na I don't like that or that ain't for me but he literally likes Everything