korea egg noodles - ramyeon (광장시장 신라면, 너구리, 짜파게티, ラーメン, 泡麵 3,000KRW) korean street food



  • Danny valar morghulis

    Danny valar morghulis

     1 months ago +3532

    People are complaining, why would I spent money on instant noodles when I can make them at home. Do you not buy sandwiches or hotdogs, sodas when your out all those things can me made at home as well, same thing it’s what comforting quick good.

  • Kim Jisoo, hit me with that Ddu-du ddu-du

    Kim Jisoo, hit me with that Ddu-du ddu-du

     1 months ago +1927

    me: im hungry
    also me: tortures myself by watching multiple food and mukbang videos
    my brain: click another one...
    my stomach: continues to growl intensely

  • GloomyC


     1 months ago +602

    3000 Korean won is like less than $3 US dollars and I don’t need to cook or wash the pot. Why not?

  • lol tak kenal

    lol tak kenal

     1 months ago +994

    they look nothing like when i cook ramen at home ://
    it looks so appetising 🤤🤤 and i love the pots!!

  • blue ocean

    blue ocean

     yesterday +26

    Why did I watch this at night 🤤😭 I'm so hungry now 🙄

  • Le Daniel

    Le Daniel

     1 months ago +1223

    You shouldn't watch this video at night @@

  • dogheadint


     1 months ago +828

    "Why would I go out and pay for instant noodles??"
    proceeds to pay $6 for a $0.25 hotdog in new york



     1 months ago +1097

    Finally some dishes I can afford. 🙌

  • ArmyForLife _BTS_

    ArmyForLife _BTS_

     1 months ago +541

    Why did i watch this🤤
    I'm hungry now!

  • one view

    one view

     17 hours ago +2

    I thought the last one wud b tasteless but at the end it proved me wrong
    Moral:Never judge too early

  • Deathrow Racing

    Deathrow Racing

     1 months ago +480

    thats how instant noodles should be eaten, straight out of the pot

  • 딸기토마토


     2 days ago +23

    네개 나란히 끓이시는거보니까 슈의 라면가게 생각남 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ아시는분??? ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  • Ms. Sunflower

    Ms. Sunflower

     1 months ago +438

    It looks so delicious🤤🤤 But, eating this often is not good for health right?

  • Mic Mic Bungee?

    Mic Mic Bungee?

     1 months ago +187

    you can make instant ramen for a living??? sign me up!!!!

  • 조선왕조씰룩쎌룩


     1 months ago +317

    슈의 라면가게 실사판

  • gross s

    gross s

     4 days ago +53

    You guys don’t understand, someone else making you instant ramen is always so good and comforting

  • Sunghwan Lee

    Sunghwan Lee

     1 months ago +304

    생각보다 외국 관광객들 상대로는 좋은 아이템이다. 주방 없는 숙소에서는 직접 끓여 먹기도 어렵고, 조리법도 잘 모르고...

  • 국산와사비


     1 months ago +135

    와 짜파게티 물 많아 보였는데ㅋㅋ 다 되니까 물다 졸았네 귀신같이 맞추시네ㅋㅋ

  • Nea Zy

    Nea Zy

     21 days ago +110

    They put on seasoning first before the noodles 😮 i have been doing it the other way around. my life is lie 😂

  • stan yeoja-idle

    stan yeoja-idle

     21 days ago +96

    ohmygod that ahjumma probably knows the right consistency of ramen noodles cooked to perfection i wanna try this