TAEMIN 태민 'MOVE' Dance Practice

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  • Published on:  Monday, October 23, 2017
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  • Source: https://youtu.be/_cAskH1PtmQ


  • titi spooky

    titi spooky

     a years ago +6799

    this choregraphy may seem easy but it actually requires great body control otherwise you look like a twerking mantis

  • Jeremy Black

    Jeremy Black

     5 months ago +2370

    Gosh dang this guy is smooth. Fast flashy dances seem harder, but slow precise ones like this are really the hardest to master because each toe of misstep sticks out so much.

  • Winda Windiastuti

    Winda Windiastuti

     5 months ago +3678

    The one who can beat teamin is taemin himself

  • KeeKee


     5 months ago +1835

    Anyone can cover this dance but none can make their dance feel the song like Taemin can. Taemin is on another level as far as dancing in concern. He's just so good and talented....

  • Natalie cheong

    Natalie cheong

     5 months ago +1595

    Came here after watching Twice Momo, Dahyun, Mina and Chaeyoung dance cover

  • crash123


     3 months ago +508

    Everyone is saying this dance is easy but in reality this won't look good if you don't have amazing control over your body especially in the first chorus

  • stan ATEEZ and SF9

    stan ATEEZ and SF9

     5 months ago +964

    Let's all take a moment to thank Miss Koharu Sugawara for creating this masterpiece

  • Pro Solo

    Pro Solo

     5 months ago +562

    Taemin is more than a idol he's a dance prodigy

  • mysteryketchup


     5 months ago +685

    im gonna say it.....one of the most influential choreos to come out of the last 3 years.......taemin had the industry SHAKING with this flex

  • luhan's nipples

    luhan's nipples

     a years ago +9865

    what can't this man do?

  • Jazz Windsor

    Jazz Windsor

     3 months ago +639

    I know there are 6 other dancers in this, but my eyes cannot leave Taemin for a second. I'm completely transfixed on him

  • ScarletPharynx


     2 months ago +172

    Many years have passed but Taemin's striped shirts in dance practices are still causing eye cancer around the world.

  • Depression Central

    Depression Central

     5 days ago +12

    The walk. That's all I have to say. The power this man holds is insane. I love it

  • Scarlet flame

    Scarlet flame

     1 months ago +145

    How sexy do you want the choreography to be?
    Taemin: yes.



     2 months ago +165

    Is it me, or does anyone find the dance video super satisfying?? EVERYTHING IS SO CLEAN AND SMOOTH!!😍😍

  • 윤다빈


     5 months ago +202

    진짜 노래하고 춤이 제대로 만나면 어떻게되는지를 잘 보여주는 노래다...태민의 섹시함을 뭔가 극대화 시켜주는,노래와 주인이 함께 어울려 서로의 매력을 더해주었어‥‥

  • Kate


     2 months ago +88

    2019 EVERYONE???

  • suyeon kim

    suyeon kim

     5 months ago +65

    무브병은 불치인가봄
    안나았음 ㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜ

  • I can’t make up a creative name

    I can’t make up a creative name

     a years ago +3260

    I like how the bg dancers aren’t just “sexy objects for show.” They have the same masculine charm as Taemin, and Taemin has the same feminine charm as they do. This dance is very androgynous yet extremely sexy and mysterious. Truly a masterpiece 👏🏽 👏🏽

  • Xavier Bernal

    Xavier Bernal

     5 months ago +275

    I came here to see the choreography after watch TWICE's cover. So cool 😎