The Top 50 Girl Group Idols in Kpop - 2019 RANKED!

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, September 4, 2019
  • #BlackPink #RedVelvet #TWICE

    *Data only displays current popularity in Korea and is not an accurate representation of world wide popularity

    BTS, EXO, Big Bang, BLACKPINK, TWICE, and Girls Generation. All are powerhouses in this industry. With millions upon millions of fans, the popularity of Kpop has far exceeded the population of Korea, the country of its origin. In recent years we’ve seen the rise of names like G-Dragon, PSY, Taeyeon, CL, Yoochun.

    But we have seen many new artists enter the arena, stronger and more popular than ever. Who is on the top?

    In this video we rank every active girl group idol in 2019. Did we mess up? Someone too high or too low? Let me know down below in the comments!

    No Sana no life, Chae is Bae, Jihyo is God... also, Stan Loona.



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  • The Asian Theory

    The Asian Theory

     a months ago +938

    *I know the caption on #17 is wrong, thank you

    The placements are determined by taking the sum total brand ranking score of each individual idol from 8/2018 to 8/2019.

    Please keep in mind that data only displays current popularity in Korea and is not an accurate representation of worldwide popularity, thank you

  • Dero Riang

    Dero Riang

     2 hours ago

    After seeing the video i was like:
    Where's lisa,rośe,soyeon..etc..😕??

  • Shin KaiZO

    Shin KaiZO

     3 hours ago

    Hello kpop fans.. Please be matured.. Stop criticizing hate and mock Jennie.. I don't wan't bad happened thing to my precious soft heart Jennie..poor my Angel Sulli because toxic example like you never realize you give effect and impact negative to Jennie..Jennie deserve doubt

  • Yunaunniea


     3 hours ago

    My opinion so dont attack me but I dont think jennie is it for 1st place.

  • people with love foolish

    people with love foolish

     6 hours ago

    my opinion about jennie
    35% beauty
    45% cute
    20% sexy

  • people with love foolish

    people with love foolish

     6 hours ago

    i mean the number one is tzuyu,she deserve it,,
    dont judge me...cause she's the prettiest

  • khabir shajib

    khabir shajib

     7 hours ago

    Yas jennie love her

  • Aleana Sullano

    Aleana Sullano

     9 hours ago +1

    I really knew that it was jennie because she's the most famous kpop girl in the world

    Besides: she is my favorite

  • Harley Yt

    Harley Yt

     10 hours ago

    Yeah Jennie Is The Beautiful,Cute,Pretty I thought Jennie On The Top😍😍

  • jichu chikin jisoo

    jichu chikin jisoo

     10 hours ago


  • Aladdin Mangatong

    Aladdin Mangatong

     12 hours ago

    14:12 i know that picture it was a picture of jesus and not jihyo when jesus was doing the lord supper and we had that picture in our class

  • Chalixx


     14 hours ago +1


  • Kim Yang Soo *yumeys*

    Kim Yang Soo *yumeys*

     15 hours ago


  • gacha비오


     15 hours ago

    I really agree!

  • I am Lynx

    I am Lynx

     16 hours ago

    Jennie: is 1st
    Me: pretends to be shocked

  • Gladia Tiger

    Gladia Tiger

     16 hours ago

    I'm surprised that Kim Seolhyun from AOA did not make top 10. I think this list is clearly biased towards Black Pink and Twice.

  • Julian Nailuj

    Julian Nailuj

     17 hours ago

    I find it crazy that Nancy from Momoland and Somi didn’t break top 50. They’re easily great visuals. Moonbyul is a solid rapper, and Wheein’s voice is matched with Solar’s high range and Hwasa’s low range. All in all, I’m glad all twice girls were there.

  • Rachel Kristasya

    Rachel Kristasya


    I dont like jisoo

  • Ye Htun

    Ye Htun


    Blackpink deserve better

  • Loka lokinha

    Loka lokinha


    i missend IU