DO NOT ESCAPE with my MONEY Mystery Box Challenge!

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  • Published on:  Saturday, May 19, 2018
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    After my fruit ninja video where we found an abandoned safe Vy Qwaint and I met up with Jake & Josh and decided to compete in a challenge where they had to pick a mystery box filled with money. I'm the bank and they are the thieves trying to haul my money away. I try and stop them as they race through an obstacle course and escape to the getaway van. If was a funny moment when Josh got trapped under a cardboard box fort. It was like jail or a 24 hour challenge. We know about box fort prison escape room challenges from watching our friends Team Edge, Battle Universe and Papa Jake so maybe he learned that trick from them. I also saw DanTDM post a video about minecraft money, coincidence? They could have escaped through the secret underground tunnel or used spy gadgets during the challenge too. This is a fun activity in real life for 2018.

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