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  • Published on:  Thursday, October 6, 2022
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    Do you wanna learn the Java coding language?
    Then this will be a great start for a complete beginner!
    Some of the things we will cover are:
    * Classes
    * Variables
    * Methods
    * Ifs
    * Strings
    * Returns
    * Objects
    * and so much more.

    We will start by installing Eclipse. The program we will use to code in. A simple but powerful editor. Just like a text editor, but for code.

    Each episode will contain a subject on its own, but sometimes we will talk about similar subjects in two or three episodes in a row. Watching those episodes in order will make it easier to understand the following episodes, but not a requirement.

    This tutorial will be great if you wanna learn how to code but do not have time or simply can't go to school.
    All you will need before this, is a computer, a headset and a internet connection. Two of those is required to even see this information.

    There is a Discord server to use. Maybe something were overlooked, or you have question about the last episode. Join the discord Server. Link in the description above!
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