Fall Handbag Trends You Will Love / Classic, Western, Bold, Oversized & Sporty

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  • Published on:  Thursday, August 11, 2022
  • Hi there! Thanks for stopping by! If you love keeping up with trends then you will love this video on handbag trends for this fall 2022 season! There are a ton of trends out there, but I am just highlighting my favorites that I think you will love. I also want to introduce you to Teddy Blake, a luxury handbag brand, who kindly sponsored part of this video. Teddy Blake makes Italian luxury handbags for an amazing price compared to other luxury handbag brands. I think you are going to love their bags and I have provided a link below if you would like to check them out!

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    A portion of this video is #sponsored will make a small commission from the link below and part of this video was sponsored by Teddy Blake
    My Teddy Blake Handbag: Kim in Blue Jeans
    Link: https://teddyblakestore.myshopify.com/?rfsn=6763169.dc4da5

    Teddy Blake Social: http://instagram.com/teddy_blake
    http://www. fb.com/TeddyBlakeNY
    I also want to give a HUGE thank you to those of you that have subscribed to my channel! I hit 10,000 over the weekend and I am just over the moon about it! Thanks for your support this past year!

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    Here are the links for any products in the video and the timeline stamp beside it. I will make a small commission from any purchases made using the links.

    My Top: Banana Republic NA
    My Earrings JCrew Similar: https://rstyle.me/+AoZKjjurDKgg5lgIL2qJdA
    Similar Bow Earrings: https://rstyle.me/+9eIyHiO1POrKwTch1BRYng

    Utilitarian Bags / 01:07
    Multiple Bags / 01:28
    Tan With Bling https://rstyle.me/+YzbgL8lCvVGSWmjPvsN9uA
    White With Tan https://rstyle.me/+TgGwIpv1E6rTEZpncF8EaA
    Pink https://rstyle.me/+239hkMa0Tm-Q1qTV42e_xA

    My Pink Belt Bag / 02:06 https://rstyle.me/+Ap5koFLjv3rOkl8Y8Yx43Q
    Black Blazer https://rstyle.me/+yvf_9UMoGlrnyX-KFVvafA
    Black Pants https://rstyle.me/+CY7MO6uc7kVbvjZ9T2LVFQ
    Sneakers https://rstyle.me/+P8n2dff5LIkcSp63mTKGMQ
    White Tank https://rstyle.me/+9VCWXZiv8LkByHmWcHba3g

    Sling Bag / 02:20
    Blue Sling https://rstyle.me/+-4_ue-9bIFr5zgfsoDOv4g
    Black Sling With Print Strap https://rstyle.me/+BT8oIR9B2DfQGP7GtXiQoQ
    Similar https://rstyle.me/+BT8oIR9B2DfQGP7GtXiQoQ
    Tan Nylon Sling Bag https://rstyle.me/+oGIbPpjIhNRk51jbgs1y3g

    Teddy Blake Kim / 03:19

    Bold Color / 03:22
    Yellow Baguette Bag https://rstyle.me/+0so_jhMq63-GDl2eczF6_Q
    Blue Crossbody https://rstyle.me/+p6g3n-kPqM8wMbLo7lgPsA
    Multi Colored Bag https://rstyle.me/+_2QzDDpcQzEMx8raQ5vfQw

    Bold Hardware / 05:58
    Pink Bag https://rstyle.me/+4nL1cUCdE-Bgqcg0ojTf4Q
    Purple Bag https://rstyle.me/+AriqdpMRvG3JUlHW-vPV5w
    Grey with Logo https://rstyle.me/+s3Wy7AdswBGpBPtmLnUTGQ

    Saddle Bags / 06:48
    Brown Saddle Bag https://rstyle.me/+4bWeoOtPR0BeesMdePkK6A
    Burgundy Bag https://rstyle.me/+514Xot1Y4M3_4MqTomXLUw
    Black with Fringe https://rstyle.me/+aKsGpeidH9KHogqn8-kQ1g

    Crescent Bag / 07:30
    Black Longer Bag https://rstyle.me/+DZOmQKZC9F2nvBB3mcssjw
    Green Woven https://rstyle.me/+I9mx_nl2VXBkoKsyQWiX5g
    Brown Structured https://rstyle.me/+ctJmK1H-pAvbCAIR2DNIvw

    Oversized Structured Bag / 8::27
    White Envelope https://rstyle.me/+fj_615kOjeiygKAG-HS6dg
    Blue Shoulder https://rstyle.me/+XrP2x22f9ANz6JU2Clp69w
    Black Clutch https://rstyle.me/+V4NPzBHRH2P6K2jlkl7kWg

    Oversized Slouchy Bags / 08:53
    Cream Woven Tote https://rstyle.me/+Bn-GbhjuboGZwvSLZ7sZDg
    Red Puff Tote https://rstyle.me/+TSuGvaHVLb8DHUyGfvzJ4w
    Green Puff Tote https://rstyle.me/+edvAp3-QqoiKEE64r2whhw

    Hobo Bags / 09:17
    Cranberry Hobo With Gold Chain https://rstyle.me/+iSSnVHmoE9LI38ijqeD23Q
    Tan Hobo https://rstyle.me/+exd4C_o4k_xwdmsX_C4ngw
    Green Hobo https://rstyle.me/+4d3klPkK4nXQf-sf-XrAdA

    Camera Strap / 09:57
    Camera Bag https://rstyle.me/+suS_qg5xQFmIh0AqBo1IYQ

    Multi Color Strap (green and pink) https://rstyle.me/+W7HbxBfep6fhZOFtpTmH6Q
    Purple Bag https://rstyle.me/+4MPeQNIJw35pK5mDuQe5IQ
    Multi Color Strap (neutral) https://rstyle.me/+0FaoNqPCLQH0PAHayh3lgw
  • Source: https://youtu.be/ayzKysApbTI