Everything Wrong With Cars In 16 Minutes Or Less

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  • Published on:  Thursday, May 12, 2016
  • Cars... Pixar's first real mis-step. Plenty love it, but enough dislike it to make it the first non-home-run in the studio's history. Which, of course, means it has lots of sins... right?

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  • Source: https://youtu.be/bTYAJ_yEojM


  • thomas maiolie

    thomas maiolie

     6 hours ago


  • Vahagn Gyulnazaryan

    Vahagn Gyulnazaryan

     8 hours ago

    How is their even anything wrong with Cars

  • Michael Booley

    Michael Booley

     9 hours ago

    I think when a film is animated and is about talking cars, nothing Is wrong because nothing can be wrong.

  • Tristan Hachgenei

    Tristan Hachgenei

     14 hours ago

    How can you hat this movie

  • Eddie Ford

    Eddie Ford

     14 hours ago

    12:12 Jeremy Piven? That's Jeremy Clarkson (The Grand Tour)

  • Mika van der Kooij

    Mika van der Kooij

     17 hours ago

    You rune movie’s

  • Mason Bishop

    Mason Bishop


    How is this video even possible

  • Caleb Dungey

    Caleb Dungey


    Nothing is wrong

  • kadija m

    kadija m


    nothing is wrong, it’s cinematic perfection. lighting mcqueen is cinematic perfection.

  • Julio Ronquillo

    Julio Ronquillo


    Him: is there any highway in the u.s with this much fuckery of exits and entrance ramps going on
    Me: uuuuhhhh yeah florida to be more specific miami

  • The Sevenhuysens

    The Sevenhuysens


    Does this guy understand that Cars is a kids movie or no?

  • RaZiouks



    TO AVOID BREAKING THE SCREEN Choose the 0.75 Speed so you can listen a normal guy talking and not the rapgod

  • Simon's Games

    Simon's Games


    race cars can go in Reverse.

  • Anya Kessler

    Anya Kessler


    Male car (manual) female (auto). My friends and i always joked about that with our cars.

  • Nivek & Blajo

    Nivek & Blajo


    Bro you stupid you just complain for every movie so shut up your f*cking mouth and enjoy life

  • Noe Worvin Exner

    Noe Worvin Exner

     2 days ago

    Jeez its movie for kids...

  • Mark_ 0005

    Mark_ 0005

     2 days ago

    You missed one thing.... it’s a cartoon movie.

  • Mr.sarcastic


     2 days ago

    (Sees video 16:35)
    (Looks at title)
    They played us like a damn fiddle

  • Dema Wallace

    Dema Wallace

     2 days ago

    Go left to turn right is political

  • Matthieu Doherty

    Matthieu Doherty

     2 days ago

    you say tony Stewart, but you clearly meant kyle Busch. right?