Visiting the Secret Albino Village in Tanzania (Too White to Live)

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, July 20, 2021
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    African Albinos in Tanzania are thought to bring bad luck because they are too white in a black community. They are discriminated against because of being an albino and having a white skin color. Life as an albino in Tanzania is hard, they are borned different from black Africans and hunted.
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    Albinism genetics are rampant in Tanzania, because the gene pool is very narrow. And African albinos are in trouble because they are thought to be cursed and should be hunted.
    I'm with African albino girls and boys. They’re sometimes treated as animals and these kids are here to be protected from discrimination.

    Camera: Yusuf Çuhadar
    Video Editing: Yusuf Çuhadar, Arda Arslan
    Video Editing in English: Berkay Sabırlı
    Translation Coordinator: Metin Can Aygün
    Project Assistant: Özge Melike Aydemir
    Producer & Director: Ruhi Çenet

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