A disgraced ref, the FBI, and the Kings-Lakers 2002 Western Conference Finals conspiracy theory

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  • Published on:  Saturday, September 29, 2018
  • When the Kings lost Game 6 of the 2002 Western Conference Finals to the Lakers, Sacramento fans and a lot of the national media immediately thought something was up. But the conspiracy took on a whole new tone when Tim Donaghy, a disgraced former NBA referee, claimed the officials hadn't just been calling things one-sided on accident.

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  • Source: https://youtu.be/dN8wDRsUuOg


  • Rafael Rubi Espinoza

    Rafael Rubi Espinoza

     6 days ago +1

    The girl giving the info seems like alexis texas sorta

  • Peter Wicks

    Peter Wicks

     6 days ago +1

    anybody that saw that game knew the refs three that game in favor of the Lakers...Even Walton and the announcers were saying that as well

  • Juan Ayala Mendez

    Juan Ayala Mendez

     7 days ago

    It was just bad officiating

  • Omar Escamilla

    Omar Escamilla

     14 days ago +1

    When this came out in 2007, I stopped watching the NBA and refuse to watch it til this day!

  • Sagar Singh

    Sagar Singh

     14 days ago

    She's hot

  • D-Money Productions

    D-Money Productions

     14 days ago

    Who’s that girl in the vid?

  • MadAnthonyToronado


     14 days ago

    There's another video that shows Shaq step over the free throw line all night which helped his percentage.

  • Lounge E

    Lounge E

     14 days ago

    9:41 Kobe is smiling while looking at the ref. That mf!

  • Nikolay Hristov

    Nikolay Hristov

     14 days ago

    Who's that chick ? 😚😍

  • mrmacross


     14 days ago

    Even though the Kings were robbed, they also shot themselves in the foot in game 7. If you lose in OT and Shaq shoots better from the line than you do collectively, that's on you. And Peja airballed that three to win the game; a shooter that good who misses that badly usually only does that because he can't handle the pressure. Of course, the whole team was bricking threes (2/20), so I shouldn't just put it on Peja.

  • koaschnir


     21 days ago

    Not the guy u guard is the enemy.
    Its the ref

  • Uncle Rory

    Uncle Rory

     21 days ago

    If you don’t think this series was fixed- watch the LA series before this against Portland... it is why I stopped watching the NBA...the fix is still in -only the players are in on it too

  • Sean Gjerde

    Sean Gjerde

     21 days ago

    It’s like all the evidence is that it’s rigged. But the character of the whistleblower? Look at the facts and it is obvious it was rigged. David Stern is hardly Mr Character either. Kings were robbed

  • Rory Snoop Kat

    Rory Snoop Kat

     21 days ago +2

    27 in a quarter... at that rate you could score all points in a game with free throws.. jesus

  • Jon I

    Jon I

     21 days ago +1

    "There was super offensive trash talk from Shaq"

    Shaq: "I'm not worried about the Sacramento Queens"

    I don't know how much of a wuss you have to be to find that lame trash talk "super offensive" lmao

  • Robert Cullen

    Robert Cullen

     21 days ago

    The NBA is still very rigged. And so is the NFL for that matter

  • Zebo Jones

    Zebo Jones

     21 days ago

    What does SB mean?

  • Richerdz


     28 days ago

    SB Nation hire me please

  • Nothing Left

    Nothing Left

     28 days ago

    At this point, it's more a conspiracy theory to believe that the Lakers won that series in honest fashion.

    What's more? I really don't give a damn about either of those teams. But I have two eyeballs, a brain and am a homosapien. He'll, even a blind, brain dead, monkey could see that the fix was in.



     a months ago

    A disgrace of a sport