A disgraced ref, the FBI, and the Kings-Lakers 2002 Western Conference Finals conspiracy theory

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  • Published on:  Saturday, September 29, 2018
  • When the Kings lost Game 6 of the 2002 Western Conference Finals to the Lakers, Sacramento fans and a lot of the national media immediately thought something was up. But the conspiracy took on a whole new tone when Tim Donaghy, a disgraced former NBA referee, claimed the officials hadn't just been calling things one-sided on accident.Subscribe: https://goo.gl/NbabaeCheck out our full video catalog: https://goo.gl/9pMHRVVisit our playlists: https://goo.gl/NvpZFFLike SB Nation on Facebook: https://goo.gl/Pzcs7OFollow on Twitter: https://goo.gl/5LI02DFollow on Instagram: https://goo.gl/aY2FFKExplore SB Nation: http://www.sbnation.com
  • Source: https://youtu.be/dN8wDRsUuOg


  • Alex Rodriguez

     9 months ago

    It’s not a conspiracy theory. It’s true.

  • Jesus Saves

     5 days ago

    Alex Rodriguez conspiracy was a term coined by govt to slander people who question authority and the jfk murder. In 1967. It’s a slander approach

  • Felicia Moniq

     2 months ago

    Alex Rodriguez I don’t want to believe it’s true but. . .

  • A P

     9 months ago

    Kings got robbed of a championship. C_webb


     2 days ago

    @Pyroman / yes they can

  • Wyatt Corbin

     9 months ago

    Everyone knows the Kings would’ve won that game had it been fair.

  • David Rooks

     21 days ago

    @FmJ Flamez explain how the refs made the kings shooting go cold, with less than 30 seconds in regulation their best 3 pt shooter took a shot and it was an air ball, I guess the refs did that?

  • David Rooks

     21 days ago

    @Bronx Born 53 the refs didn't make the kings shooting go cold in the last part of the 4th or overtime

  • M McLaurin80

     9 months ago

    Conspiracy theory? I thought this was common knowledge. Especially to anyone who watched the game live.

  • Falconsfan1020

     4 days ago

    YT is ass Kings had more free throws in the series than the Lakers.

  • YT is ass

     4 days ago

    Falconsfan1020 40 free throws vs 25, an entire final 5 minutes of EVERY 50/50 call going to the lakers. Not a Kings fan at all but it’s just like the 06 finals, clearly rigged. People aren’t arguing the series was rigged, they’re arguing that when the Kings got to 3 wins the officiating completely changed.

  • M0thaphucka

     9 months ago

    It’s simple. The NBA doesn’t let small markets win championships

  • KuKuKlock123

     4 days ago

    You idiots just don’t know what the term “small market” means... being in a small market doesn’t not mean teams that previously sucked, or still suck, or the size of a city... it means the cities ability to produce income. Look up cities by gdp and you will know Sacramento is in the 30s by means of producing money. Take that into account and factor in the people’s ability to attend games and population. Sacramento was able to fill seats with the size of population and income rate. Sacramento was able t...

  • reck1224

     27 days ago

    Lynx Star Automotive Raptors...

  • shabazz360

     9 months ago

    They cheated. Period. I was there. I saw it. Everyone saw it. Worst officiated game in professional sports history.

  • Luke Hewko

     3 days ago

    The New Orleans Saints would like a word.

  • Jamison Montgomery

     1 months ago

    shabazz360 wrong the worst officiated sport game came on the biggest stage Italy vs Korea World Cup finale look it up

  • J K

     9 months ago

    The Kings played beautiful ball during those years.  I imagined Spurs were inspired by it and chose to go that route in the upcoming years (drafting Parker/Ginobilli, etc.).  Kings passed the ball like nobody's business.

  • burt sanchez

     1 months ago

    Ginobili was already drafted, they were just waiting on him.

  • DR Scouting

     4 months ago

    @Joshua Jung, what caused you to blurt that out? And how is it relevant? Curious minds want to know.

  • wade wilson

     9 months ago

    There's a reason Tim donaghy was able to accurately predict the spread on games he didn't officiate. You should've added that into your video because it's an actual question the FBI had for him which he answered. This isnt a conspiracy theory, its basically a proven fact.

  • Armando De Los Santos

     19 days ago

    Donaghy said that the refs got instructions from the commissioner before every game and he used those instructions to place his bets! He claims he won 85% of his bets

  • David Rooks

     21 days ago

    @Frank Cramo IF what you say is true, why wasn't the 2002 finals between the Lakers and Celtics????

  • Dumisa Tony Johnson

     9 months ago

    2:36 Kobe elbows Bibby Worst no call in nba playoffs history

  • Patrick Yarnold

     3 months ago

    Up until the PI no-call on the Rams DB against the Saints. Again, big market vs. Little market (w/ LA getting the benefit)

  • bee boo

     4 months ago

    That's why Chris Childs and Artest got into it with Kobe. Those long ass arms are used for "elbowing" opponents. You will never ever everrrrrrrrrrrrrrr heard that Kobe's soft ass won any fights and with fists at that. Oh yeah and those 2 tainted rings. Thank You

  • John Mendoza

     1 months ago

    "Super-offensive trash talk" lmao you know this is a 2018 video

  • No Name

     2 days ago

    but we in 2019