Top 10 Anticipated Netflix Originals of 2019



  • Vincentvondoom


     seconds ago

    Boooo witcher suuucks.

  • gumm cottente

    gumm cottente

     22 hours ago

    wanna be friends?

  • Pug 4life

    Pug 4life



  • Ty Yoder

    Ty Yoder


    I’m pretty sure Black Mirror season 5 should be on this list.

  • Randy Reed

    Randy Reed


    Not sure if anyone else has mentioned but DeNiro & Pacino have worked together in the past in 1995's HEAT directed by Michael Mann.

  • Fabio Alves Show

    Fabio Alves Show


    Stranger Things 3 ❤️

  • Laney


     2 days ago

    Where's Sex Education!?!??!

  • Dom


     2 days ago

    Happy, should be well up on the list

  • Nikki Movie Reviews

    Nikki Movie Reviews

     2 days ago

    Netflix is what I do🤗I'm here for all of it😎Most I Will do reviews on as well😍

  • Fearsome Warrior

    Fearsome Warrior

     2 days ago

    I hope Berserk is on the 2020 or 2021 list.

  • Melody Starr

    Melody Starr

     2 days ago

    The way she pronounced Geralt!

  • Mardeva C

    Mardeva C

     2 days ago

    Um... The Dragon Prince???

  • Hencha


     2 days ago

    Not even a mention of velvet buzzsaw??

  • DJM3Z


     2 days ago

    Someone show this to theodd1sout

  • Tilly T

    Tilly T

     2 days ago

    Wow ! If this is the best i'm cancelling ! What a load of old shit !

  • Weißer Wolf

    Weißer Wolf

     3 days ago +1

    take all the time you need with Stranger Things season 3..Season 1 was fantastic..Season 2 not so much.

  • Drew Mitchem

    Drew Mitchem

     3 days ago

    De Nero is a joke now he embarrasses himself ranting about trump won’t be watching anything with him n it

  • Nathan Warnes

    Nathan Warnes

     3 days ago

    The punisher season 2

  • Bonnie Horzepa

    Bonnie Horzepa

     3 days ago

    When is dark and the O.A. Season 2 coming!

  • Ima SingusChickenus

    Ima SingusChickenus

     3 days ago

    SO in other words, Netflix will suck this year as well. Time to Unsubscribe and save my money.