Mad Men: The Tragedy of Betty Draper

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  • Published on:  Sunday, May 13, 2018
  • Sign up for SKILLSHARE: | January Jones' Betty Draper from AMC's Mad Men is hardly the best mother ever. Watch to understand the tragic flaw in Betty’s character that kept her from excelling in parenthood or finding happiness. Support ScreenPrism on Patreon: up for exclusive updates: you like this video, subscribe to our YouTube channel for more.Like ScreenPrism on Facebook: ScreenPrism on Twitter:
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  • The Take

     1 years ago

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  • Trevor Cormier

     8 months ago

    ScreenPrism.  Betty actually did the best she could under her personal limitations. Given the choice between the drudgery of a job and the emptiness of being looked after by a man, she made the best choice for herself. Two generations after the era of this show, women are still choosing the role of the housewife.   And they can no longer put the blame on ''the Patriarchy''.

  • Donald Draper

     8 months ago

    I'm sorry Birdie.

  • Alli C

     11 months ago

    I've always felt Betty is a hedonist forced to live the life of asceticism. Which seems odd, considering her wardrobe and jewelry, but not really. In her own words, she "likes hot dogs". She likes to eat, she likes to drink, she likes to try new, foreign foods. She loves to travel. She wants attention, admiration, and praise. She craves Don's time and loves the carnal side of their marriage. She loves being in the midst of the city. She adores parties, extravagance, and company. She thrives o...

  • Amanda Scott

     19 days ago

    This is a summarisation of my life.

  • Darren Wells

     20 days ago


  • Nicki Pelazza

     1 years ago

    Betty Draper shooting at pigeons with a cigarette in her mouth is my aesthetics

  • Modus Pwnens

     7 days ago

    Every white girls aesthetic lol

  • Loveyastill Then

     14 days ago

    That was the best

  • Mary Dennis

     11 months ago

    Maybe she’s unhappy bc her worthless husband constantly cheats on her, lies to her and leaves in the middle of the night to go screw other women

  • Simon J.


    @MJA Would love to see you bang your head instead

  • MJA

     3 days ago

    Mary Dennis why don’t you go bang your head against a wall

  • Swifty

     8 months ago

    I've always thought that Betty should never have become a mother. Not because she's a bad person like people seem to claim, but because it just wasn't for her. She should have had a life of travel, glamor, socializing, not suited for the prim, crisp, dutiful housewife. Betty thrives when she and Don go to Rome, and she gets to escape her suburban life and kids, and for a moment be that stunning woman in all black, ordering drinks in Italian, adored by men, and picking up the charming stranger. She is c...

  • lin2theZ

     11 days ago

    Betty reminds me of my mother June. I always thought my mother shouldn't have had children, yet she had 5. She was blonde and pretty and college educated. She remains a mystery to me - what did she want and desire from life? I do know she craved (and received) attention from men. She died 36 years ago.

  • Juliaoceania

     1 years ago

    For some reason the ending that Betty Draper received made me cry when I watched it. And I do not mean a few tears, I mean actually cry. Sure, she was a horrid person in many respects, but there was something about her I understood on some level. And I felt sad for her at the way Don treated her while they were married. The life he had with Megan was the life she actually wanted with him, and he stuck her in the country and isolated her, taking her out of her packaging when he needed her to entertain p...

  • Charlene Linden

     13 days ago

    She wasn't exactly in "the country", but I think that many women from the 50s through 70s felt that way. My own mother did. People at that time never entertained the idea of marrying and living in an urban area. If you had the money, you moved to the suburbs. The very rich would have a house "in town" and one in "the country" or by "the shore", The Drapers were not in that category. Betty wanted to be a good wife and mother, which included having a house in a goo...

  • mayravzqz

     26 days ago

    Girl, this comment is on point!

  • LottieTheLurker

     1 years ago

    For once I'm going to have to slightly disagree. The tragedy is that she did change, but it was too late. And that killed not only her own growth, but the probability of a good relationship with her children, Sally mostly. Yes, Betty was very much a product of her own time and, just like the other women, at the beginning of the show she didn't know her own value. But unlike Peggy and Joan, who grew self-confidence through interactions with other supporting men in their life, nobody encouraged Betty in ...

  • Modus Pwnens

     7 days ago

    Agreed, but given you said they're a product of their time and damaged, ofc it would lead to a shouting match with the mother and daughter. They were holing up da feels for so long, it was inevitable. But that was the point. There wasn't time for convo by then. They've both gotten so beaten by the system, shouting it out was expected.

  • Brenda Cohen

     28 days ago

    @1chienandalou it should also be acknowledged that when she was seeking help from a professional, the psychologist, it was merely a way for Don to continue to control her and keep tabs on her rather than actually help her.Don was a manipulative shit and sexist, I'm surprised this video doesn't delve deeper into how sexism played in a role in how she saw the world, how she was treated, and how she couldn't get out of her situation.


     1 years ago

    I think this video lacked the usually deep analysis for your videos, which are very good. Saying that she fails to change with the times isn’t entirely true imo. When she goes to college at the end of the series (and it really isn’t until the last few episodes) we see that she is so much happier just being out of the house a little bit more and focusing and something other than being a housewife. It was a little too late maybe, but she wasn’t going to college for a career, but an experience. It did cha...

  • Brenda Cohen

     6 days ago

    angelpurple2000 no one ever mentions her going to therapy in the first season. That was her trying to change, and like you said which is super spot on, it got undermined by the therapist and Don. Why they both did so I the first place is sexism that forced her down every time she tried to change her situation. This video lacks the analysis that not every woman can become Sally’s, Joan’s, or Peggy’s, that many woman are victims of circumstance. That’s why she had to die, not because of her unwilli...

  • angelpurple2000

     4 months ago

    Betty tried to change many times, she was just undermined. In season 1 she tried to resume her modeling careeer but it went wrong. Then she divorces Don after all the lied and emotional abuse, she thought marryng Henry woud make her life better but it wasn't enough. She was taugh that her place in this society was being a housewife and a mother, and that's it, and everyone around her corroborated this idea. In the end, she was trying something new, started a college, but she wasn't given the chance tod...

  • Roy Thingamajig

     1 years ago

    I feel like you can explore Don's relationship with women on the show. Basically his only successful ones were with Peggy and Anna Draper.

  • Rose Garcia

     1 months ago

    The only ones he did not screw. So messed up....

  • ThatOneAsianBroChick

     1 months ago

    There's also his relationship with his daughter, though it only got better towards the end.

  • Angie R.

     1 years ago

    Doesn't matter how shallow and cold she was, I still think she deserved better than Don. He was a scum bag, never liked that character

  • Dumb Benioff, Dumber Weiss

     1 months ago

    I only just started watching the show. She doesn't seem shallow or cold.

  • marilize it

     1 months ago

    he's a gemini he cant help it lol