10 Astronomical Events That Will Happen In Your Lifetime

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  • Published on:  Monday, April 24, 2017
  • From comets to the very special birth of a star, get your telescopes and calendars at the ready as AllTime10's brings you 10 Astronomical Events That Will Happen In Your Lifetime!

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  • Source: https://youtu.be/gY0zDyCnH_4


  • Thou Pineapple Pizza

    Thou Pineapple Pizza

     an hour ago

    Won’t happen in my lifetime if I end it

  • Robin Kendra

    Robin Kendra

     an hour ago +1

    how do you know how long i live?

  • Peter Chan

    Peter Chan

     7 hours ago

    'Definitely' colonised by then?
    I would definitely doubt it.

  • MultiHusti


     10 hours ago

    fuck british english

  • Jesus Christ

    Jesus Christ

     17 hours ago


  • bitch no

    bitch no

     17 hours ago

    2061???? Whtatt

  • Gabriel Galang

    Gabriel Galang

     20 hours ago

    Unless if you're antivaxxed

  • VTX_ Solar

    VTX_ Solar

     21 hours ago +1


  • MicrowRJ Nope

    MicrowRJ Nope

     yesterday +1

    I saw an Astroid fly by my home

  • Ad&co



    But what if I die before I see any of those things

  • Damon White

    Damon White



  • Mr.epiclegend



    What if I die

  • Θανάσης Ρούφας

    Θανάσης Ρούφας

     yesterday +1

    me seeing the title what if I die tomorrow?

  • 8EXZ8 Legend

    8EXZ8 Legend

     yesterday +1

    Wait, what if i die and it doesn’t happen in my life time?

  • Sam Barnett

    Sam Barnett


    It’s 3 football fields what’s the worst could to happen

  • Mintpanda 57

    Mintpanda 57


    What happens if I get cancer

  • Alexander Lussier

    Alexander Lussier


    I believe there's some articles out there proving full moons increase birth rates. I'm pretty sure a supermoon would have similar effects as a full moon

  • janelle.g. Cheer

    janelle.g. Cheer

     yesterday +1

    Apophis passes on my birthday !!!

  • Braeden 9 6 3

    Braeden 9 6 3


    who’s watching in 2020? anyone?

  • Santiago Herrerias

    Santiago Herrerias


    Not before I kill myself